You Won’t Believe These People Actually Exist Amongst Us


There are some descriptions of people who we think only exist in book. However, the world is an enchanting and interesting place and it sometimes surprises us. That is why every now and then, you will come across something or someone who will blow your mind.

Well, we actually have 23 of those in this list!

1. The Pierced Man- Rolf Buccholz

The Pierced Man

Not many of us can understand some people’s obsession with needles. Well, this guy certainly took his love for needles in an entirely new level. With one look, it seems as if you cannot be able to count the piercings in his body but of course, Rolf Buccholz has kept and according to him, he has 94 piercings.

2. Papa Smurf- Stan Jones

Papa Smurf

At one look, his skin seems blue but it is actually quite silvery. He tried hard to get into politics but he succeeded in becoming popular as the smurf man because of his looks. For some reason, Stan decided to ingest huge amounts of colloidal silver and that is the reason why he looked that way.


3. My Size Barbie- Valeria Lukyanova

My Size BarbieBarbie is a girl’s favorite toy. However, it seems like this lady did not outgrow her Barbie obsession. In order to be the human Barbie, she had to undergo breast implants and follow strict special diets and daily gym sessions.

4. World’s Hairiest Man- Yu Zhenhuan

World’s Hairiest Man


Many people call him the Monkey Man because of the amount of hair he has in his body. Truth is, 96% of his body is covered with hair. The only body parts spared are his palms and feet soles, making him look like a bear and a monkey.

5. The Biggest Boobs- Mayra Hills


All women wish to have big boobs but nothing can ever compare to the big boobs that this lass has but do not be fooled as her boobs are just artificial. She is actually a 27-year-old German adult model and according to her, her breasts are size 32Z,

6. Most Tattooed Woman- Julia Gnuse

Most Tatted Woman

It is quite rare for women to get tatted but Julia loves tattoos and that is very obvious with just one look at her. In fact, 96% of her skin has been tatted. At first, she used tattoo to cover up her medical skin condition but she was not able to stop herself since then.


7. Most Tatted Man -Lucky Diamond Rich

Most Tatted Man

Another man who loves tattoos! He actually holds the biggest record for the most tattoos in the body. In fact, he has tattoos in 100% of his body. In addition to that, he also has tattoos in his foreskin, eyelids and even the insides of his mouth. Oh how painful that can be!

8. Widest Hips- Mikel Ruffinelli

Widest Hips


All women wish to be curvy but they can never be as curvy as this one. Mikel has been declared as the woman with the widest hips. Her husband has surely hit the jackpot when he married her. In fact, her hips is about 8 feet!


9. Steroid Men

Steroid Men


Of course, men would love to have big and muscular body but some men tend to go overboard. While they can be able to achieve the body that they want using steroids, its use comes with some serious side effects, including cardiovascular diseases.

10. Steroid Women

Steroid Women

Men are not the only ones who love steroids. There are also many women who use the same body enhancers in order to achieve the body that they wish to achieve. However, their bodies look a bit scary. Their pictures are great examples why people should choose to stick to whey protein instead.


11. The Real Life Hulk- Kaleem

Edward Giant Hands

When we were younger, we want to have bigger hands so we can be able to carry it all, right? Well, this little Indian boy have made that dream come true. The sad thing is, he is not able to carry out even the smallest of tasks because of how enormous his hands are. According to doctors, he is suffering from either hamartoma or lymphangioma.

12. Swan Neck


Not many people know this but there is a Kayan tribe in Burma who requires women to wear brass neck in order to achieve a giraffe like neck. They consider such neck as a sign of beauty. The coils force the collar bone down which results to a longer neck.

13. Daddy Big Legs- Mandy Sellars

Bottom Heavy

She was actually born with a rare genetic mutation which caused his legs to grow at a very alarming rate. She even got her leg amputated due to blood infection but the amputated leg still began to grow! Her legs weigh 42 pounds and has over 3 foort circumference.

14. Tallest Man In The World- Sultan  Kosen

Tallest Man In The World

And of course, you may be wondering who is the tallest man in the world? Well, that is 31-year-old Sultan Kosen who lives in Turkey. According to the latest news, his height has reached up to eight feet and three inches.

15. Shortest Man In The World- Chandra Bahadur Dangi

Shortest Man In The World

He is currently the smallest person in the world. His height is only one foot and nine inches. He belongs to a family with eight children, three of which has normal height while the other four are quite short but he is the shortest of them all.

16. The World’s Smallest Woman- Jyote Amge

The World’s Smallest Woman

She is the world’s smallest woman up to date. You may have recognized her from The American Horror Story: The Freak Show episode but we bet you did not know that she is considered to be the smallest woman in the world. Her height is two feet and one inch.

17. Largest Man – Patrick Deuel

Largest Man

We all love to eat but there are some people who love eating than most of us and he is no other than the biggest man in the world. He has struggled with his weight ever since he was a child. Believe it or not, he has undergone liposuction and gastric bypass surgery but he is now weighs 560 pounds again because he cannot refuse snacking.

18. Largest Woman- Charity Pierce

Largest Woman

Of course, there is also the world’s largest woman. Her heaviest weight is 765 pounds. Just recently, she decided to lose some of her weight and she succeeded in losing about 200 pounds of it. She did that so she can be able to marry the love of her life.


19. Plastic Nightmare- Jocelyn Wildstein

Plastic Paradise

Jocelyn Wildstein is one good example that plastic surgery can ruin you. Sadly, the story behind her plastic surgery obsession is a sad one. She decided to make herself look like a cat in an effort to reconnect to her husband who she found in bed with a 19-year-old woman. Sadly, all her efforts are in vain as they divorced in 1999.

20. Crocheted Boobs- Audrey HorncastleAn Interesting Hobby…

Crocheting is the best hobby of old ladies but Audrey does it differently as she crochets breasts. Her crocheted breasts are donated to hospitals and doctors so they can be able to educate soon-to-be-moms on how to breast feed. 


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