Women Think About Sex For This Many Minutes Each Day

Men and women alike will spend several minutes on sexual thoughts throughout any given day. While we tend to point our fingers at men for Always Thinking About Sex, women aren’t actually too different.

You might find some of this surprising, but a few of these findings are just as you’d expect.

10. It’s Less Than Men

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Both men and women are physical beings, of course, so it’s natural that both have sex on their minds throughout the course of a day. A new study showed that women think about sex several times a day, but that men think about sex even more frequently.

Up next are the exact numbers…

9. It’s Well Over A Dozen Times A Day


The study polled over 250 students at Ohio University. The findings were surprising to some people. The study found that women think about sex over a dozen times each day. The exact number was an average of 18.6 times a day! Guess how many minutes that is? We’ll tell you in #8!

8. That’s A Total Of Once Every 51 Minutes


The average woman is thinking about sex once every 51 minutes based on an 8-hour sleeping schedule. That means that women think about sex every hour on the hour, all day, every day. And for some women, once every 51 minutes is nothing. Some women think about sex even more!

7. It Can Be Way More Frequent


Other research conducted on this topic has shown that some women think about sex way more often than just every 50 minutes. The highest score was 140 thoughts about sex in one day. That would mean that a woman was thinking about sex once every seven minutes, which is what you might guess for the guys!

6. Men Think About Sex Far More Often


And while that might seem like a lot of sexual thoughts, men have women beat—by a long shot. Men who participated in the research study thought about sex on average every 28 minutes.

Of course, there are some who think about sex more and could probably beat the women mentioned in #5, but who’s really counting?

5. How Often Women Think About Food And Sleep

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In contrast, women thought about food 15.3 times a day, once every 62 minutes, and they thought about sleep 13.4 times, every 72 minutes. That means that women think about food and sleep less often than they think about sex.

Kind of crazy, huh? See how men compare in #4.

4. How Often Men Think About Food And Sleep

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The men who were involved in the study reported thoughts about food every 38 minutes and thoughts about sleep every 33 minutes. Still, men are thinking of sex more often than they are thinking about food or sleep. The study showed that men think about having sex once every 28 minutes, making sleep a very close second.

3. Women Fantasize About Having Sex With An Ex

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So, what are women thinking about when they are thinking about sex? The study showed that 59 percent of women regularly fantasize about having sex with an ex. And that’s not to say that men don’t do the same thing. The percentage for men, however, is a little lower…

2. Men Think About Previous Partners, Too

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Men who are thinking about sex every 28 minutes also spend a good deal of time fantasizing about having sex with an ex. About 48 percent of the men involved in the study admitted to fantasizing about having sexual relations with a previous lover.

But there’s one thing both men and women can agree on…

1. Love And Meaningful Sex Are The Best

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While men and women don’t think about sex at the same frequency, they can agree on one thing. Both sexes believe that love is crucial when it comes to having meaningful sex. Sure, anyone can go out and get laid, but finding a mutual love is the best—it’s exactly what many men and women crave.


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