Times Women Were Doing Important Things, Yet Their Baby Bump Was The Media’s Only Focus


We live in a developed world that has overcome many atrocities sparked by stereotypes and misinformed notions that were blatantly sexist or misogynistic. Unfortunately, even in the 21st century, women across the world, especially those in a position of power and influence, are easily overpowered by their femininity in a counterproductive manner.

In hopes of bringing awareness to this ever-increasing problem, we’ve scanned the web to compile a list of times when influential women who were actively trying to improve the state of affairs in the world and were bombarded with attention by the media over their pregnancy rather than the noble causes they support.

You’ll be surprised by the cause in slide #1 that an A-list singer was fighting against only for it to be overlooked by the media.

10. Amal Clooney And Her Fight To Bring Da’esh To Justice

In early 2017, Amal Clooney appeared in front of the United Nations and made a speech in support of bringing justice down on the heads of the Da’esh (also known as ISIS). Rather than covering her vital remarks made in the discussion, media reports were bombarded (no pun intended) with pictures and information on her pregnancy.

9. Beyoncé At Her Mother’s Mentorship Event To Empower Women

In March 2017, Beyoncé attended a mentorship event hosted by her mother in New York City. Wowed by her baby bump, most news outlets released stories centered around her pregnancy, what she wore and the “tragic” news of her inability to perform at Coachella. What happened at the event? Well, it’s hard to say since barely anyone thought about covering the details of the mentorship event. In her defense, she genuinely tried to conceal her baby bump.

8. Kate Middleton’s Noble Attempt To Raise Awareness At Women’s Addiction Center Was A Royal Failure

Kate Middleton visited a Women’s Addiction Center in 2013 in hope of providing support to the brave women who were committed to breaking free from life-altering addictions. Her actions could have sparked serious interest into the institution and motivated people with addictions to seek help, but because most reports lasered in on her barely-visible baby bump, the story turned into a snippet meant for gossip magazines.

If you think this was an unfortunate incident, prepare to be disheartened by the next slide.

7. Chrissy Teigen Shining A Light On Racism In America Fell Into Darkness

When Chrissy Teigen learned of A&E’s Shining A Light concert, she simply could not resist the urge to add her star power to the event with the intention of increasing awareness about incidents of racism in the United States. Ironically, most of the awareness was redirected to her baby bump.

6. Natalie Portman At Hillary Clinton’s Voter Registration Campaign Event

Voting in the presidential election is a cause most influential personalities advocate. After all, governments elected by the people are for the people. When Natalie Portman lent her presence and voice at a voter registration event held in Philidelphia, one could easily be fooled into thinking that she was in the running for the presidency because the media cast their votes and deemed her pregnancy to be more newsworthy than voter registration.

5. Cheryl’s Commitment To Help Vulnerable Young People

Singer and performer Cheryl attended a charity event with her current boyfriend and former member of One Direction, Liam Payne. The event was hosted to celebrate the opening of a Cheryl’s and Prince’s Trust center “for vulnerable young people.” Unfortunately,  as you may have guessed, the size of her belly took precedence over real life problems the youth face.

4. Kourtney Kardashian’s Pregnancy Becomes The Only Health Condition Covered At An Event

There’s no denying the fact that the Kardashians have a solid following and a strong voice that influences millions of people across the globe.

However, when Kourtney Kardashian attended an event hosted by Women’s Health and FEED Foundation to feed hungry children, the disheartening result of it was that most news reports fed attention to Kourtney’s pregnancy instead of the hungry children in Africa.

The media is so hypocritically interested in these women being pregnant, but they couldn’t be bothered about the orphaned children who are abused in the next slide.

3. Natalie Pinkham At The Hopes And Homes For Children

The Hopes And Homes For Children is a foundation taking the initiative of adding a voice to the innocent orphaned children who have been exposed to harsh environments and abuse in orphanages. Being pregnant, Natalie Pinkham made a perfect fit for the initiative and it certainly deserved more coverage than it received.

2. Lara Trump Glows So Bright That The Details Of This Charity Are Invisible

On April 2nd, 2017, the daughter-in-law of the United States Of America’s current president was spotted at a charity fashion show and brunch in Texas.

Her “gorgeous” yellow dress, covering her obvious baby bump, is all everyone seems to be talking about. Who cares about charity when you’re the President’s pregnant daughter-in-law, right?

1. Alicia Keys Tries To Raise Funds At The Keep A Child Alive Fundraiser

Many agree that Alicia Keys is a woman blessed with a beautiful voice, personality and heart. She, along with other celebrities like Beyonce, Jay-Z and Uma Thurman, came together to rally as much support and funds possible to make a dent in the third-world countries battling with the highest rates of HIV and AIDS infections. Yet again, the media couldn’t resist but shine the spotlight on another woman’s baby bump over her important humanitarian work.

It’s not unnatural for pop media to paint female celebrities and influencers in a bad light any chance they get, but when these women tried to accomplish important objectives which could drastically change the world, it’s disappointing that their femininity in the form of pregnancy is used by the media in such a poor manner.

Thankfully, social networking apps like Instagram and Twitter give women the ability to use their voice to address and direct rightful attention to the important work they are doing without having to adulterate their content or compromise the message in any sort of way.

We can only hope that in time, media houses evolve beyond ratings and focus more of their attention towards worldly matters rather than superficial news.

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