This Woman’s Pregnancy Post Gets Weird When She’s Accused Of Something Awful

Learning you are expecting is an exciting time, and it is even more thrilling to share the news with your friends and family. One simple way to let everyone know about your pregnancy is to post it on Facebook, but one woman learned that not everyone will “like” the news.

One friend’s response in slide #4 will leave you stunned!

8. Being Pregnant Is Thrilling And Terrifying

It can be overwhelming when you are expecting a baby. It involves planning a baby shower, painting a nursery, and eventually letting people know you are with child.

Although some people elect to tell a small group of people, others take to social media to share their news with the world.

7. We Use Social Media To Share Our Life Events

Whether it be bragging about your birthday weekend or wanting to share a few selfies, social media allows us to give the world an inside scoop on our lives.

One woman decided to share some life-changing news through a Facebook status, and slide #3 shows things didn’t go so smoothly!

6. This Woman Couldn’t Wait To Share Her Pregnancy

A woman by the name of Christina took to Facebook to tell her friends and family about her bundle of joy. She posted a picture of herself smiling while holding a positive pregnancy test and the box in the other hand.

She received an outcry of support from her friends and family, and their comments were heartwarming, to say the least.

5. Facebook Friends Showed Their Support

Christina shared that “there is going to be a new member of the family,” and exclaimed that “God is good.” Her Facebook followers shared their encouraging words, such as “I’m so happy for you guys,” and “awesome you two.”

Most of Facebook was excited for Christina and her partner, but one person releases a serious truth bomb in slide #2!

4. A Man Named Adam Throws Some Serious Shade

A Facebook friend named Adam, that appears to be one of Christina’s coworkers, offers his congrats while politely asking for a few favors. He asks Christina to “stop coming into my office asking sexual favors,” and he reveals that he made a mistake by sleeping with her at a company retreat. He even states that “IT COULD BE ANYONE’S KID.” Ouch.

What was once a happy Facebook status became a complete trainwreck!

3. Adam Wasn’t Finished Just Yet

As if Adam’s confessions weren’t damaging enough, he had much more to say. This time he would talk specifically to Christina’s partner — and supposed father of her child — Mark. The next slide reveals he’s just trying to help the guy out, and he doesn’t hold back!

2. Adam Encourages Communication About The Cheating

Adam writes another comment as a personal attempt to help Mark see the light about his adulterous marriage. He tells Mark that he sits two doors down from Christina at work and he would love to chat more about her infidelity.

He also wishes the man luck and finishes his speech off by stating that Christina is as crazy as they come.

1. Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid

Facebook may be a great place to share old memories and reveal new life happenings, but it may be best to be careful what you say. You may be thrown under the bus by a work buddy named Adam, and that guy is capable of some serious humiliation.

Better think before you post, or you may get some unwanted attention!


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