Woman Tricks Boyfriend With Stripper To See If He’ll Cheat

One of the biggest problems in any relationship is trust. It is something that takes a long time to build and develop, but only seconds to lose forever. Thankfully, there are television shows about everything these days. Now we can witness people trick their unsuspecting boyfriends or girlfriends into testing their faithfulness in HD.

The premise is easy, but the decisions become difficult when faced with irresistible actors who will stop at nothing to entice and seduce. Find out what happens when one girl takes it to the next level by having her boyfriend fix the plumbing of a beautiful temptress.

12. To Catch A Cheater

The television show Cheaters is based on the program To Catch A Predator, only the producers set up “honey traps” to catch lying and unfaithful husbands in the act. The unsuspecting men are lured into a room and tempted to make the decision to cheat on their wives or girlfriends.

11. Setting The Honey Trap

Quite a few cameras are strategically placed around the room while the wife waits and watches everything on a television monitor from another room. Showrunners do everything in their power to trick the husband into making the wrong decision or to do the noble thing and leave the situation entirely.

10. You Called For A Plumber?

On this particular episode, the girlfriend goes all out by hiring an actress to portray a stripper that entices her unsuspecting plumber boyfriend. She witnesses the stripper wave the usual “no touching” policy by attempts to get him to agree to something not many men would be willing to decline. The devious plan begins on #9.

9. Do You Want To Go Change?

The actress playing the stripper makes an emergency call for a plumber and our poor victim arrives at her place to do his job. She answers the door wearing seductive lingerie, barely able to hold her top together. You can imagine where his mind is immediately going and the tension begins to build.

8. The Pipe Is Clogged

The actress starts to work her magic by dropping sexual references throughout their initial conversation. She asks him “how deep” he needs to get back into the space to fix the pipes and really lays it on hard from the get-go. To everyone’s surprise, the boyfriend quells his inner urges and remains professional.

7. What’s That Doing There?

The boyfriend is given another test when he leans down to check underneath the sink. As his head reaches the supposed problem area, he is introduced to the actress/stripper’s sex toy. She bursts with excitement and says, “looking for it everywhere!” The boyfriend shrugs it off and continues his work in #6.

6. It’s Pretty Deep

Once he regains his focus after discovering her personal item, he continues his assessment of her sink issue. The producers simply turned the valve to the off position and he being a great plumber was able to diagnose her situation right away. But the honey trap had already been set.

5. Laying It On Thick

Our actress wastes no time and bluntly tells him she is just looking for some sort of action while laying her seductive body language on thick. The boyfriend remains loyal and mentions of his girlfriend a few times, but the actress isn’t having it and pushes him a little more.

4. I Got A Girl

“She would never know,” the actress says with a sly smile. And the boyfriend replied, “but I would.” Everyone witnessing this interaction has to be rooting for the boyfriend to make the right decision. He’s doing everything in his power to remain honorable. If you think that would turn her off, the continue to #3.

3. He Had This Look

The girlfriend is watching everything happen in real time and expresses her satisfaction at her boyfriend’s actions. She doesn’t seem completely satisfied due to his flirtatious attitude towards the stripper. The host tries to ease her mind by letting her know that he’s doing the best he can in his predicament.

2. Oh No She Didn’t!

The stripper then takes her strategy almost too far and starts to do things that we can’t even mention. You will have to catch a rerun of the show because the producers took down the original video and reposted a more appropriate version. Let’s see if he makes it all the way through in #1.

1. Success!

He did it! He remained faithful throughout that whole process and everyone appeared proud of him. The host tells the girlfriend that she will have a happy Valentine’s Day after all, to which she responded, “We’ll see.” His flirtatiousness may have gotten him into a little bit of trouble.

One of the things they don’t show is the real reactions the couple has with each other after the drama is all over. We know the girl probably gave him the cold shoulder for a little while due to his coy demeanor towards the beautiful actress. How could he not? There aren’t many guys who would be able to remain strong and honest throughout that ordeal.

The boyfriend probably had some words for his girlfriend for setting him up in a honey trap in the first place. Regardless, we hope they are still together and were able to enjoy many more Valentine’s Days together.


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