Woman Takes Chance On Curious Stray Dog, Both Go On To Do Great Things!


The number of dogs facing homelessness around the world is alarming and extremely disheartening. Not only do canines across the globe have nowhere to go and nothing to eat, they face loneliness and sometimes euthanization if no one chooses to adopt them. Dogs in need of homes are especially evident in the country of Greece, where many dogs have nothing except to roam the streets and beaches. One pup got a lucky break when a woman decided to take a chance on the lonely dog and give her the best shot at finding love. This dog then had the chance to discover her purpose in life, and it turns out she was destined for amazing things!


12. This Dog Just Wanted Some Love

This dog was known as Blue, and she just wanted a family to call her own. Blue lived on a beach in Greece, where she would follow anyone that would give her a glimmer of affection. She even chased cars in the hopes of going home with a new owner! It wasn’t until one woman stumbled upon Blue that her situation changed.

11. One Woman On Vacation Changed Blue’s Life Forever

Valia Orfanidou was vacationing outside Athens, Greece in the summer of 2016, enjoying the sun, sand, and spending time by the waves with her dogs. She spent some quality time with her pups by walking them along the beach. It wasn’t long before the woman had a new pal walking beside her on the beach, and it started a remarkable and life-changing friendship.
10. Blue Seized The Opportunity To Join The Pack

The lonely pup must have seen Orfanidou and her dogs playing with her dogs along the beach. Blue had no problem making her presence known by joining in with the little family, and Orfanidou had no problem letting the stray dog tag along. She did what any animal lover would do: she opened her heart to the homeless dog. The woman discovered that Blue had quite the personality.

9. Blue’s Longing For Affection Was Larger Than Life

Orfanidou realized right away that this stray dog was anything but content. The woman noticed that Blue was “looking desperately for company,” and she understood that allowing Blue to play with her dogs was undoubtedly the right thing to do. Slide #2 proves that Blue’s passion for sticking by a friend’s side became more than just a hobby for the loyal pup!

8. Orfanidou Vowed To Do Something More For This Special Stray

With the economic decline in Greece, there isn’t must help for the stray dogs without a home and without hope. But something stood out about the puppy named Blue, and Orfanidou wanted to make a difference in this affectionate dog’s life. The young dog was just seeking love, and the woman was ready to make the dog’s dream a reality.

7. The Woman Drove Blue Away From The Beach And Towards A New Beginning

Orfanidou returned to the beach where Blue roamed and brought the dog to her car. She drove off with Blue towards Athens, and the dog would never return to her home by the sea where she spent so many lonely days. What was next for the hopeful pup? The next slide reveals that there would be many surprises along the way.
6. Orfanidou Had A Plan In Place For The Puppy

Orfanidou knew she couldn’t save every stray dog along the beach and in the country of Greece, but when she picked up Blue she was a mission to give the dog the love she wholeheartedly deserved. She had to make sure that Blue was safe and had a home where she could live comfortably. Orfanidou’s first order of business? Make sure Blue’s health was stable.

5. Blue Was Definitely Due For A Check-Up

Orfanidou brought Blue to the vet to make sure she was healthy and ready to be placed in a good home. Until Orfanidou was able to come back to Athens she had to make sure Blue was safe and sound, so she brought her to a friend’s house for the time being. Before long Orfanidou was able to find Blue a home, and slide #3 reveals it is right where the puppy belongs.

4. Blue Was About To Become A World Traveler

A family from the Netherlands had volunteered to adopt Blue, and Orfanidou had to say her final goodbyes at the airport. Although she was sad to see the puppy go, Orfanidou knew Blue was about to get everything she had ever wanted, a loving home and a stable family. Her new life was about to begin, and Orfanidou couldn’t be happier for Blue.

3. Blue’s New Life Is Extremely Active And Full Of New Friends

Blue’s new family in the Netherlands is full with new furry friends. Blue enjoys spending time with her best friend and fellow rescue named Rincewind. The dog never left her new owner’s side, and the dog attended physiotherapy with her new mother. This started Blue on the path that would lead the dog to her true calling, a calling that would benefit more lives that she could have imagined.

2. Blue Was Bound To Touch The Lives Of Those Around Her

Blue began training as a therapy dog, and she began to visit people in nursing homes who suffer from dementia. Her new family describes the dog as “really dedicated to people,” making her the perfect companion for those who need a hand. The dog even has over 3,000 Facebook followers, revealing that she now has more love than she knows what to do with.

1. Every Dog Has Its Day, Including Blue The Stray

Thanks to one thoughtful woman walking along the beach, Blue the stray dog’s life went from hopeless to full of love and purpose. Orfanidou took a chance on Blue, and she believes that the dog was no asking for help but offering it to those who need it most. Blue has a lot of love to give and a lot of lives to change, and now she is able to share her gifts with the world.

Blue was once a stray dog begging for attention along the beach, but now she lives a life of purpose with a heart filled with love in the Netherlands. You never know what life has in store for you, and with a little luck and a whole lot of patience, you can overcome the greatest of obstacles to find your true calling. Blue the puppy has her entire life ahead of her, and the world can’t wait to see what she accomplishes next. Therapy dog today, maybe saving the world tomorrow? This dog can do it all, and all it took was a helping hand to get her started.