Woman Jailed For Drinking And Having Sex With 14-Year-Olds

It can be frustrating when parents want to prove to their children they are cool. It’s something that happens all of the time and typically doesn’t work out to the benefit of the children.

Beverley thought having her kid’s friends over to party would work out. She wound up taking it way too far.

10. One Of The Cool Moms


40-year-old Beverley Tillyer wanted to be one of those “cool moms.” She started allowing her son and his friends to drink, do drugs, and party at her house. It’s something that happens all of the time. But after a while, things started to get a little out of hand in #9.

9. Becoming A Bad Mom


It was 2008, and Beverley started to join in on the fun at her home. After beginning to drink with the youngsters, she hooked up with one of her son’s friends. Another friend joined in while a few others filmed the occurrence. And the debauchery did not stop there.

8. A Recurring Occurrence


Over the next several months, Beverley continued having sex with young boys at her home. On one instance, she met one of the children at his home for a sexual encounter. At the time, no one complained. Seven years later, Beverley was ousted by an anonymous source you’ll read about in #7.

7. The Police Investigation

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A woman associated with the teen group had found out about Beverley’s transgressions and decided to notify the police. Police traced the woman back to all of the victims and the truth started to come to light. Beverley was now at the beginning of what would become a drawn out nightmare.

6. Causing Mental Anguish

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Police discovered she had sex with the first victim on six separate occasions, the second victim twice, and the third only once. One of the victims described the acts as causing a breakdown in the relationships with his family. Another victim described how her adulterous actions affected his life in #5.

5. Instilling Fear While Defeating Confidence


Another victim said their actions had severely affected his confidence. He even developed a strong sense of fear whenever he saw Beverley. There was enough evidence from witness and victim testimony to arrest Tillyer. She initially denied any wrongdoing or abuse. She even claimed to have been raped by the young boys.

4. Admitting Fault

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After enough pressure, Tillyer succumbed to the accusations. She admitted to having sex with three of the victims and wound up pleading guilty on those accounts. A mitigator on the case had revealed Beverley suffered from anxiety and a personality disorder. Beverley then gave her version of the story in #3.

3. Seeking Intimacy


Beverley explained that she was “seeking intimacy rather than seeking to exploit them for sexual gratification.” The judge in the case had some harsh words for her. “You took advantage of those boys when you should have shown a more responsible attitude. Of course, they were willing participants but you were the adult.”

2. Sent Behind Bars


The judge also mentioned, “Because of the degree of seriousness here, it does seem to me that there has to be a prison sentence.” Tillyer has been forced to register as a sex offender for a decade and will serve an unknown amount of time behind bars. Find out what the prosecutors thought in #1.

1. Justice Has Been Served


“We are pleased she has been sentenced today and wish to commend the courage of her victims in disclosing what took place and supporting the prosecution.” They believe this case will help empower future victims of sexual abuse to come forward so all reports can be investigated and justice can be served.


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