This Woman Gave All She Had To Save This Puppy’s Life

Sometimes all it takes is a little love to save a life and change your own. This was the case for vet tech and Reddit user Kaffekalle when she was met face to face with the ultimate challenge.

What started as a normal day at the office quickly morphed into something extraordinary. When faced with a difficult decision, she chose to step up to the challenge resulting in an unbelievable ending to a situation with a not so positive outlook.

Her story is living proof that nothing is impossible and sometimes all it takes is the dedication to turn something bad around.


12. Another Day At The Office

001-12-another-day-at-the-office-872526The day started like any other — a black lab was in labor and the staff was working hard to deliver the nine puppies safe and sound. Kaffekalle felt especially connected to the puppies, as they were being born on her 30th birthday.

It didn’t take long however for the mood to change from excitement to despair when one of the puppies was born with a cleft palate.


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