This Woman Gave All She Had To Save This Puppy’s Life


Sometimes all it takes is a little love to save a life and change your own. This was the case for vet tech and Reddit user Kaffekalle when she was met face to face with the ultimate challenge.

What started as a normal day at the office quickly morphed into something extraordinary. When faced with a difficult decision, she chose to step up to the challenge resulting in an unbelievable ending to a situation with a not so positive outlook.

Her story is living proof that nothing is impossible and sometimes all it takes is the dedication to turn something bad around.


12. Another Day At The Office

001-12-another-day-at-the-office-872526The day started like any other — a black lab was in labor and the staff was working hard to deliver the nine puppies safe and sound. Kaffekalle felt especially connected to the puppies, as they were being born on her 30th birthday.

It didn’t take long however for the mood to change from excitement to despair when one of the puppies was born with a cleft palate.

11. No Hope

002-11-no-hope-872554When a puppy is born with a severely cleft palate the prognosis is never good. The defect prevents the puppy from nursing, making it difficult to impossible for the puppy to eat.

A puppy in this condition would require round the clock care and even then the outlook was not definite. It was a tough decision, but the owners decided to put the puppy down.

Unconvinced, Kaffekalle had her own idea.

10. A New Home

003-10-a-new-home-872569Kaffekalle decided to take the puppy home and giving him the care he needed – whatever that would be! She quickly made sure he was comfortable at home and started to give him a nipple from a baby bottle to see how he did with it.


She described the first night as upsetting as she did not expect the puppy to live more than two weeks.

9. One Week Old

004-9-one-week-old-872617To prevent the puppy from dying of starvation, Kaffekalle decided to tube feed him. In order to keep him healthy, she had to feed him a puppy milk replacement every one-two hours night and day.


Thankfully she was able to bring the puppy to work with her in order to continue the care. After the first week is when she truly believed the puppy had a fighting shot at survival.

8. The Hit Of The Office

005-8-the-hit-of-the-office-bb4446360719b74acd6edb226915998aWorking at a veterinary office gave Kaffekalle the ability and proper tools to care for the puppy throughout the work day, not that anyone minded. The puppy quickly took his surroundings, making friends throughout the office.

He took a liking to his binky, using it as security throughout the day.

7. A Name For The Puppy

006-7-a-name-for-the-puppy-872783By the third week, Kaffekalle felt confident enough of the puppy’s prognosis to finally give him a name. Over the weeks she saw him develop his own personality, describing him as “barreling” out of his crate and “screaming” to be fed.

After some though she decided to name him after her favorite Tom Hardy character, Bronson.

6. Super Puppy

007-6-super-puppy-872813By six weeks, Bronson ditched the binky and instead went for fingers. Kaffekalle described this switch as a common trait amongst dogs with cleft palates.

Blown away by his progress, Kaffekalle declared him Superman, even going as far to buy him a t-shirt to show off his status.

Unfortunately, Bronson was not out of the woods yet.

5. More Trouble For Bronson

008-5-more-trouble-for-bronson-873002Since his cleft palate was so severe, surgeons were apprehensive about performing the surgery needed to rectify the situation. In the meantime, Bronson would continue to get things stuck in his mouth including an ear plug and kitty litter.


His defect made it almost impossible for him to play with toys and have treats. Luckily, some of Kaffekalle’s coworkers had an idea.

4. Nothing Like A Pool Party

009-4-nothing-like-a-pool-party-872897With certain toys and treats on the absolutely no way list, Bronson was limited to what he could do for fun. After some brainstorming, a few of Kaffekalle’s coworkers came over with a baby pool.


The pool opened up a whole new world for Bronson bringing on an obsession with water.

3. Almost Time For Surgery

010-3-almost-time-for-surgery-872926After Bronson turned one, it was decided it was almost time for surgery. The first year had been tiresome, in addition to the beginning months of tube feeding he suffered from sinus infections and bloody sneezes.

The defect also cause his mouth to grow crooked, making his face appear slightly crooked as well.

2. Surgery Day

011-2-surgery-day-872962Kaffekalle’s 31st birthday, exactly one year since Bronson came into her life, was surgery day.

The vet described the procedure to Kaffekalle as she watched the surgery as it was being performed. Despite the process being much more complex than originally anticipated, the surgery was a success.

Even better Bronson did not suffer any of the expected side effects, resulting in one happy, healthy dog.

1. Therapy Puppy

012-1-therapy-puppy-872985Over the course of that first year, Kaffekalle realized she wasn’t just saving Bronson, but he was saving her too. She described him as her “therapy dog” who made each day better.

The constant care she gave him grew into a love like no other, and then perfect addition to her family.

Just when everyone was ready to give up on the small, helpless puppy, Kaffekalle swooped in and saved his life. The puppy not only was given the chance to live, but also a name and a full, happy life.

Bronson defeated each obstacle thrown his way, showing that sometimes the impossible is possible if given the chance. Kaffekalle’s dedication and love resulted in so much more for her life than she could have anticipated, and even more for Bronson’s.

Working closely with doctors and alternating her schedule around his, were just a few of the ways Kaffekalle made sure this story had a happy ending.