Woman Convicted Of Brutally Killing Boyfriend With Circular Saw During Sex

Horror movies often portray murderers as eerie sociopathic strangers who spend weeks stalking their oblivious victims, though this is rarely a reality. Murder victims are statistically more likely to be killed by a spouse than anyone else (including strangers).

The case of one German couple may have fit this criterion, but the insane way it happened still seems like a work of fiction…

10. A Love/Hate Relationship

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As is the case with many relationships between young people, Gabriele and Alexander had a tumultuous connection. The two German students often spent their days fighting, sometimes even splitting up only to return to each other soon after. This was no ordinary story of troubled love, however. The relationship soon spiraled horrifically out of control.

9. The Beginning Of The End

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Over time, the resentment between Gabriele and Alexander continued to grow more and more. Their fights increased in frequency, intensity, and ultimately, threat level. One night, following a particularly ugly exchange, Gabriele broke up with her boyfriend and proceeded to kick him out of their shared house. Alexander packed his things and left.

8. Don’t Call It A Comeback

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Despite the toxicity of their relationship, Alexander could not resist his magnetic attraction to Gabriele. He returned to the home of his now-ex-girlfriend with the goal of convincing her to give him another chance. Gabriele accepted, leading him up to their attic bedroom where the couple quickly got hot and heavy.

What happened next became the subject of great debate… read on to learn what it was.

7. Old Habits Die Hard

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As the newly-reunited pair began to engage the age-old tradition of makeup sex, they quickly resorted to old preferences. Alexander had enjoyed a dominatrix treatment from Gabriele in the past, but allegedly became too demanding this night. Gabriele, feeling violated and threatened, blindfolded and tied up her boyfriend as usual…

6. Gone Girl


The passion of the act was soon replaced by something much more sinister. Alexander continued to test Gabriele’s limits, disregarding signs of resistance from his significant other. She was then pushed over the edge. Once she had tied him down, Gabriele suddenly leaped up, grabbed a circular power saw, and dug it into her lover’s chest and neck.

That’s not even the wildest part of the story. Read on to learn the bizarre steps she took next…

5. Body Of Proof

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With Alexander now maimed and dead, Gabriele did not know what to do. The act of killing her boyfriend had been spontaneous, dramatic, and completely unplanned. Having no past experience as a murderer, she scrambled to clean up the gory mess left by his gaping wounds. She ultimately chose to keep the body nearby.

4. Too Close For Comfort

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Gabriele hid the tortured remains of her ex-boyfriend under the bed in the attic room she had killed him in. She then further concealed Alexander’s body with a blanket. In coming months, however, the girl made no effort to conceal the scent of rot. Her flatmates had no idea what was causing the powerful stench.

Think you would notice if a body was in your house? Check out the next slide to learn if anyone did.

3. The Cat’s Out Of The Bag

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Months passed while Gabriele continued to live life as though nothing had happened. She met a new man named Christian and the couple soon fell madly in love. Christian had no knowledge of Gabriele’s crazy secret. That is, until one day when Christian smelled something odd while catsitting for his new girlfriend. He followed the stench to the attic only to uncover her ex’s mutilated corpse.

Read on to learn what he did next. You won’t believe it…

2. Love Conquers All


Christian was already too in love with Gabriele to be disillusioned by her murder victim. The first person he called was not the police, but instead Gabriele herself. Upon her return from her vacation, he enlisted the help of another friend in burying Alexander’s body with Gabriele. With the physical evidence gone, the pair carried on with their lives and ultimately went on to get married.

1. The Law Catches Up


It may have seemed to Gabriele that she was in the clear, but such was not the case. Nearly one decade after she brutally murdered her boyfriend with a saw mid-sex, Gabriele was convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to spend 12 years in prison. The only thing that kept the woman from a murder charge was her self-defense argument, which was consistent with the lack of clear prior motive.


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