Woman Born Without Legs Discovers Her Real Identity After Being Abandoned At Birth


FeatuedLegsGiving a baby up for adoption is a difficult decision for any parent. Especially if that child happens to have any sort of disabilities. Sometimes parents don’t have the time or money that it takes to take care of a child with special needs. Luckily, there are many good people in the world who have the capabilities to care for such children. that was the case for little baby Jennifer, who was born with a rare genetic disorder. Jennifer’s story is a rather inspirational one and just might bring a tear to your eye. Click through to read about her story!

#18 Jennifer Was A Normal Baby

001--18-jennifer-was-a-normal-baby-266056Jennifer was born to an Armenian family who had already had one daughter. She was their second little bundle of joy, but they quickly realized that there was something a little extra special about her. They feared that they might not be able to properly care for her in a way that another family might and you’ll never guess why…
#17 She Had No Legs

002--17-she-had-no-legs-266054Jennifer was born with a rare genetic disorder that caused her to have no legs when she was born. Jennifer was described as a very happy and joyous baby, but there was more to just that that made her parents fear that they might not be able to care for her properly. They had to make a devastating decision.

#16 They Gave Her Up For Adoption

003--16-they-gave-her-up-for-adoption-266052The parents of Jennifer ultimately had to make a very unfortunate decision. They decided that it was best for everyone if they gave Jennifer up for adoption. Caring for a child like Jennifer could have caused issues financially for the parents. She would require extra medical attention as well as medical equipment that they just didn’t feel they could fit in their budget.

#15 She Was Adopted!

004--15-she-was-adopted--266050The adorable baby Jennifer didn’t seem to have any troubles finding a loving family to help care for her. She was adopted by a loving family from Illinois. It’s hard to say what might have happened to Jennifer had she not been adopted by this family. But it quickly becomes clear that this was an amazing option for her future, as she goes on to live a great life. Keep reading to learn more about her story!

#14 She Had A Big Family

005--14-she-had-a-big-family-266048Jennifer was adopted into a family that already had three sons! This meant that Jennifer would never have any issues when it came to having a protective family! The family didn’t care at all about Jennifer’s disabilities and wanted to do whatever it took to make sure she had an amazing life full of family values.
#13 She Was A Natural Athlete

006--13-she-was-a-natural-athlete-266045Jennifer was born to be an athlete! Despite having no legs, Jennifer was able to be skilled in multiple sports, including volleyball. Her true passion, however, was gymnastics. She loved being a part of the sports and organizations and was determined to be as active as possible, never letting her disability hold her back. But what about her parents?

#12 Her Parents Were Supportive

007--12-her-parents-were-supportive-266043When it came to her parents, they were always supportive of Jennifer pursuing her dreams. They helped her and encouraged her to be the best gymnast she could be. And she definitely became that! By age 11, Jennifer was already racking up countless awards and medals for her talents in gymnastics, something that even children with no disabilities were capable of!

#11 Dominique Moceanu Was Her Idol

008--11-dominique-moceanu-was-her-idol-266038Dominique Moceanu was a talented gymnast and the youngest member of her United States team to win a gold medal for her country at the Atlanta Olympics in 1996. Jennifer quickly had Dominique become her idol and hero, and she was determined to follow in the footsteps of her gymnast role model. And you’ll never believe how they bonded…

#10 The Girls Were Similar

009--10-the-girls-were-similar-266036Jennifer and Dominique actually had a lot in common! Both girls were originally from Armenia, and both had a passion for gymnasts that they wouldn’t let die. Jennifer was bound and determined to become just like Dominique. Some doubted her, as she had a disability, unlike Dominique. But Jennifer would never let this stop her.

#9 Jennifer Wanted To Know More About Her Past

010--9-jennifer-wanted-to-know-more-about-he-266033As Jennifer got older, not only did her dreams and hopes grow revolving around her future as a gymnast, but she was also eager to learn more about her backstory and exactly where she came from. All she really knew was that she was from Armenia, but she wanted to know more. Soon, she would make a shocking discovery about her backstory.

#8 She Found Something Shocking

011--8-she-found-something-shocking-266031Her parents didn’t want to tell her too much at once so as to not overwhelm her. But Jennifer was a persistent girl and demanded to know where she came from. Her parents eventually gave her a folder containing all the information she was dying to know. She was absolutely shocked to find that she shared an original last name with her idol, Moceanu.

#7 The Two Were Sisters

012--7-the-two-were-sisters-266029Imagine having an idol as a child that you were so interested in and inspired by that you made that person your role model. Then imagine finding out that person is your sister! That’s exactly what happened to Jennifer! It was truly a dream come true to discover that the two shared the same blood!

#6 She Was Nervous To Reach Out

013--6-she-was-nervous-to-reach-out-266027At first, Jennifer was a little nervous and skeptical of reaching out. When you have the fame that her sister did, they can often be contacted with strange stories from fans. But Jennifer’s story was all true, and she was determined to reunite with her sister. Soon, she sent her a letter and documents proving the two were related.

#5 Dominique Was Just As Shocked

014--5-dominique-was-just-as-shocked-266025Dominique was just as shocked as Jennifer was to discover that the two were related. Her parents had never told her that she had a younger sister that they had abandoned. She thought that her entire life she was an only child, and never even heard once that this might not be the case. You’ll never believe what Dominique did next…

#4 She Cut Ties

015--4-she-cut-ties-266023Among hearing this news, Dominique cut ties with her parents. She had already been having various disputes with the duo back home, and once she heard this news, she was even more ready to let her parents go. Once her parents admitted they had given her up for adoption, that was the last straw, and Dominique was done with them.

#3 They Are Two Peas In A Pod

016--3-they-are-two-peas-in-a-pod-266018Once the two met up, there was no doubt that they were sisters, as they look so much alike! The two both don’t have much contact with their biological parents, but they do have plenty of contact with each other. They also discovered that they had a third sister, and all three of the girls have become very close.

#2 Jennifer Is Still Living Her Dream

017--2-jennifer-is-still-living-her-dream-266016Jennifer is now working as a successful aerialist and acrobat. Although she never went on to be a gold medal winning Olympian like her sister, Jennifer never gave up on her dreams and is able to live a career that she loves. She’s also happily surrounded by all of her brothers and sisters and truly living the dream.

#1 Jennifer Has Come A Long Way

018--1-jennifer-has-come-a-long-way-266014If Jennifer hadn’t been so inspired and passionate about gymnastics, and curious about her backstory, she might have never had the chance to meet her sister and role model! Now Jennifer has a new sister as well as a lifelong friend. She was once just an abandoned girl whose parents couldn’t care for her, and now she’s living the life she always wanted!

Stories like Jennifer’s are truly inspirational. It’s not every day that you hear a story like the life of what Jennifer has gone through. She just was a little girl with a dream and a hero she wanted to be like. She was lucky enough to find out that her hero was her own sister. Jennifer was a strong willed girl who never gave up on her dreams and passions. She was curious, strong, and determined, and because of that, she was given the ultimate gift of a big and loving family. Jennifer really shows that it pays to never give up.