During Wife’s Chemo, Husband’s Amazing Surprise Makes Their Story Go Viral!


All anyone can really want in life is an abundance of health and happiness. The ability to share good times with friends and family and cherish the simple moments is priceless, but sometimes life throws a curveball that no one could expect. Health problems can be especially hard to deal with, and a cancer diagnosis can have someone fighting for survival.

One mother and wife was unexpectedly diagnosed with breast cancer, and instead of giving up, she kept an upbeat attitude and positive spirit. Her husband wanted to surprise her in the most vivid of ways, and you won’t believe how far this beautiful surprise grows in slide #3!

10. Cancer Can Tear Lives And Families Apart

Alissa Bousquet from the small town of Oakland, Nebraska led a relatively normal and happy life. She enjoyed spending time with her husband Brad and her five children, but their lives were changed forever in December of 2015. Alissa was unexpectedly diagnosed with Stage 1 breast cancer, and the Bousquet family was about to start a difficult journey.

9. A Routine Mammogram Caught Her Condition Early


Once Alissa reached her 40th birthday, she scheduled a routine mammogram, and she was shocked and terrified when the results came back with the detection of Stage 1 breast cancer. Alissa’s family prepared to support her every step of the way, and her husband Brad even posted on Facebook stating, “It’s time to kick some cancer’s ass. You’ve got this, Alissa!” You won’t believe how much love everyone has for Alissa in slide #5!

8. Alissa Began Courses Of Chemotherapy That Would Last Half A Year


The dedicated mother and wife began spending most of her time at Omaha’s Methodist Estabrook Cancer Center to begin treatment. She would endure six rounds of chemotherapy, with the last treatment session being on June 23, 2016. Brad Bousquet wanted to do something special for Alissa to commend her for her bravery and positivity throughout the entire process.

7. Brad Had The Perfect Surprise Planned For His Wife


This loving husband sent a text to all of Alissa’s friends and family, asking them to send her roses. Brad had an even more beautiful idea in mind. He contacted a local florist and asked them to collect $10 for every rose purchased, and the proceeds would be donated to support cancer research.

6. It Was Time To Reveal The Roses

In the middle of her final chemotherapy treatment, her two teenage daughters and four of her best friends walked into the room with dozens upon dozens of breathtaking roses. Alissa was showered with over 500 roses, and she was literally in shock of her husband’s extremely thoughtful surprise.

(Oh, and stick around for slide #1, which shows you never know how far a good deed can travel!)

5. The Florist Couldn’t Keep Up With The Amount Of Orders For Alissa


Once Brad caught wind of all of the orders flowing in, he told the shop to stop at 500 orders. He never expected his surprise to reach this magnitude, but he thanks his family and friends for forwarding the text and sending more love Alissa’s way. The next slide reveals that the community really came together to help Alissa feel special!

4. Over 170 Families Donated To The Cause

The outcry of support in Alissa’s fight against breast cancer was enormous. The Bousquet family was able to donate $4,500 towards Susan G. Komen cancer research. Alissa’s reaction as she was swarmed with hundreds of roses? She kept repeating “holy moly” as she was showered with her wonderful surprise.

3. Alissa And Brad Decided To Share The Love With Other Patients


Instead of keeping all 500 roses to herself, Alissa wanted to share them with other cancer patients that could use some cheering up. The Bousquet family included a note with every patient’s flowers, explaining the cancer research support behind the purchase of the flowers and how they can find some happiness from them like Alissa did.

2. The Gift Of Flowers Brought Many Patients Comfort And Joy


Other patients at the treatment center were overwhelmed with happiness over the kindness of the Bousquet family and their thoughtful gesture, making Brad’s surprise extremely impactful to many who needed a bit of happiness to brighten their day. You never know how a bit of kindness will help someone who needs it most!

1. Alissa Is Not Going To Give Up Her Fight

With a positive attitude and amazing support system, her family hopes that she will be cancer-free very soon. Alissa definitely has the right mentality to kick cancer where it hurts, and her story can give hope to others that need a reason to keep pushing despite all odds. Like a flower after a harsh winter, you too can bloom!