What In The Heck Is This Animal? Rescuer Nurses Strange Creature Back To Health



In the hot and humid temperatures of Florida, thousands of different types of animals roam, whether it be fish in the water, snakes in the grass or even alligators in the Everglades. While most animals are immediately recognizable, this isn’t always the case! The story we’re looking at today has a creature beyond anything you’ve ever seen. Jeff Longo was walking along in the extreme Florida heat and noticed a tiny ball of fluff residing on the sidewalk. He noticed it was an animal, but he had no idea what kind. This article will look at how he nursed the animal back to health and finally realized what it was.

Some context – A guy named Jeff Longo was just walking along in the extreme Florida heat one day when he noticed a tiny ball of fluff sitting on the sidewalk. He checked it out and found that it was an animal, but he had no idea what kind.

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#12 The Discovery


On a walk through the streets of Tampa, Florida back in 2013, Longo discovered the strange animal on the hot sidewalk. It was sitting motionless by the side of the road and didn’t look like it was doing very well. Longo figured that the insane heat and sun probably weren’t helping at all.

#11 Half Dead



So instead of just leaving it there to die on the side of the road, Longo decided to pick the little guy up and take him to his home in St. Petersburg. Longo knew he had no choice as he knew the baby animal was nearly dead when he found him on the side of the road that day.

#10 I Shall Name Him Biscuits



Instead of taking the animal to the vet or somewhere else, Longo decided to keep the animal in his possession and nurse it back to health himself. He knew that it needed some tender love and care, so decided to keep it himself and even gave it a name: Biscuits.

#9 Questions About Raising It


As mentioned previously, he still had no idea what kind of animal this was, even after caring for it for a little bit. And because of this, he had no idea how to best raise the little guy. Was Biscuits a carnivore or an herbivore? How much water did he need a day? Longo decided to take to the internet to do some research on what it might be.

#8 First, Reddit


For his first research destination, Longo went to Reddit to see if the community there had any idea what it could be. However, most of the community was just telling him that he wouldn’t be able to take care of it by himself. Regardless, Longo was undeterred and continued to do more research.