What Happened After The Bear Stepped In A Trap Will Shock You

FeaturedBearIn a world where we’re losing animal species forever so often, it’s extra heartbreaking to hear about an animal that’s hunted for human luxuries. That’s the case for one brown bear whose story could be heartbreaking. Luckily, there are still plenty of good humans in the world that give us hope for the future of our beloved endangered animals. Not only is it important that we work hard towards taking care of our animals, but it’s important to make people actually care about it as well. Click through to learn about what happened when one brown bear got stuck in a hunter’s vicious bear trap.

#18 A Brown Bear Was Just Going About His Day

001--18-a-brown-bear-was-just-going-about-hi-0aada917bcc472b4ac0b2a039c91d5e5One day, an innocent brown bear was walking through the forest near the village of Kosovo’s Municipality of Suhareka. It was like any other afternoon until the bear stepped on a trap that would change his life forever. Before he knew it, he was trapped and unable to move. It only got worse as the bear tried to break free…

#17 Who Knows How Long He’ll Last

002--17-who-knows-how-long-he-ll-last-53188d55998e164d00654bb752b4b2bfThe incident happened just this June of 2016. As the bear struggles to break free from his entrapment, the contraption only digs deeper into his leg. An innocent wildlife animal like the large brown bear doesn’t know what’s going on when something like this happens. But lucky for the bear, he might have a chance of surviving.

#16 The Bear Is One Of Many Victims

003--16-the-bear-is-one-of-many-victims-91a9e383108d56ab24e9ce4d08f5e207Recent hunting in the area has caused the brown bear’s numbers to dramatically decrease. The brown bear is not yet considered an endangered animal, but massive hunting like this is one way that species are commonly wiped off the face of the Earth. Many do not know this but the bear is also still a protected species in Serbia.

#15 Bear Hunting Is Still Illegal

004--15-bear-hunting-is-still-illegal-9ea9473be0cac10c606042096ee57525Although the species is not considered endangered, bear hunting was still outlawed by the government in 2002. However, bears like this are still considered useful and profitable, so hunting of them continues. They sell all the parts of the animal to various companies, so a large beast like this is very valuable. But the hunters might not get what they set the trap for, as a different future lays ahead for the bear.

#14 The Trap Was Intended For The Bear

005--14-the-trap-was-intended-for-the-bear-009b5f8ad7bb2b3b56e6ad8d9fb51716Hunting of other animals isn’t outlawed in Serbia, but it was pretty clear that a trap like this was intended for the brown bear. From the picture you can see that it is a type of trap, that is commonly used for bear hunting. It’s a wire trap tied to a tree close by that tightens around the bear and causes it to dig deeper as the bear tries to free itself.

#13 The Bear Can’t Give Up Yet

006--13-the-bear-can-t-give-up-yet-a3c9a3ef3c9bf58a07a567ea12279674Traps like this don’t kill the animal quickly, which is why they’re so cruel. If the animal hasn’t died by infection, starvation, or pain by the time the hunter gets there, he’ll finish the job. It’s not sure how long the bear had been laying there. The hunters set many traps so they don’t always have the time to check them for catches daily.

#12 The Bear Was Struggling Majorly

007--12-the-bear-was-struggling-majorly-b7381d7955ca9be14abeb787341edcdfThe bear was not having a very easy time in the trap. He didn’t have much shade around him so he ran the risk of dying of dehydration or malnutrition being trapped like a prisoner on a wire connected to the tree. It was also unknown how long he might have actually been there so there could’ve been a chance that he had an infection.

#11 The Cops Show Up!

008--11-the-cops-show-up--f75081db6c7e5e30ad23b62ed0c745a6Two police officers had been randomly walking around the area when they noticed the bear. Despite their position, they didn’t have the means necessary to save the bear. They decided to call people in the area they believed to be the only ones who could help the bear’s dire situation. You’ll never believe what happened next…

#10 The Called The Bear Sanctuary Prishtina

009--10-the-called-the-bear-sanctuary-prisht-4edda5229958e83546506c963a654570The officers did not really know how they could possibly be of help to the bear, as they are not trained in caring for injured animals. They decided that the sanctuary, which specialized in helping bears, was what they needed to help the animal. So they gave the sanctuary a call, and they responded quickly to the scene.

#9 The Sanctuary Has 3 Years Experience

010--9-the-sanctuary-has-3-years-experience-6febe3e46ec6b4fd3177930537e4389eThe sanctuary has three years of experience, as they were founded in 2013. The sanctuary has an entire park dedicated to helping animals. They are a home to a number of rescue bears. But this particular case was new to them, and they weren’t sure if they’d be able to be the ones to help the situation.

#8 They Didn’t Normally Rescue Wild Bears

011--8-they-didn-t-normally-rescue-wild-bear-e5d9270fb92ebdb078cb1e8151b3e702The sanctuary hadn’t really dealt with a wild brown bear before. They normally just helped rescue bears saved from cruel environments. The majority of the bears at the sanctuary are restaurant bears, bears that the owners of  diners would put in tiny cages in front of their business to attract visitors. This wild guy is a different story.

#7 They Don’t Just Save Bears

012--7-they-don-t-just-save-bears-e394878bc5091ebc0c371b7d74755104The sanctuary isn’t just known for saving rescue bears. They also do their best to educate those in communities about bear preservation. However, if anyone can save this bear, they believe they can do it! Even with their help, though, they don’t know how long the bear has been there, so there’s a chance it might be too sick from the would or dehydrated to save.

#6 A Challenge Is Always Excepted

013--6-a-challenge-is-always-excepted-fdbb75c15382ccaf7a63d003a23fc190The sanctuary wasn’t willing to just give up on the bear. Their mission was to make sure that they save as many innocent animals as possible. The people involved in this case were willing to do whatever it took to make sure that the bear was able to make it back into the wild and have a long and happy life.

#5 They Weren’t Especially Skilled In Rescuing The Animal

014--5-they-weren-t-especially-skilled-in-re-f7b67086b1af010fab3ef52a8b5beba0It was a challenge indeed for the rescue team. Trying to work with a rescue bear is simple, as the bears are more used to working and being around people. But an animal like this is terrified of what might happen to it, as it is already pretty stressed out. However, the team thinks they have a solution to help the bear!

#4 They Sedate It

015--4-they-sedate-it-ebe8c2c66f0acc894b61332d99ec6285The team is able to use tranquilizers in order to safely and humanely sedate the animal. This allows the team to easily work with the bear in order to do whatever they have to do to get it back to a good health. When the bear is passed out, they can examine the wound closely and figure out what they need to do to save it.

#3 Traps Like These Are Deadly

016--3-traps-like-these-are-deadly-81c6805db192fe1bee91d02bc3cc2866Traps like the one the bear found itself in can be deadly for the gentle giant. The wire cuts deep into the skin, only getting more tight as the animal tries to free itself. If the animal does get loose, it risks dying a slow and painful death from infection. The traps are also dangerous as many other animals besides bears can find themselves trapped in them. The bear also still runs the risk of having an infection.

#2 But His Health Is Fine!

017--2-but-his-health-is-fine--5beaaf5646b839b5894caba3bdadaeb5After getting examined, cleaned up, and disinfected by the team, they have a vet come just to be sure that he’s OK. After the vet checks him out, they discover that the bear is actually OK after all! They gave him medicine to prevent any long-term treatment and plan to put the bear in a safe place to recover and grow back in the wild.

#1 The Team Had A Success!

018--1-the-team-had-a-success--8e43454bcae7709a4c6c2ad8fcd98403This was the team’s first rescue of a wildlife mission, and it was a great success! They were able to quickly get to the scene of where the bear was hurt, clean him up nicely, and set him free back in the wild. It was a risky mission, as they weren’t exactly sure what to do with the wild animal, but they succeeded and were able to help!

Stories like these are what give us hope for the future of our endangered animals. Even if an animal is not endangered or even threatened, it’s still important to make sure that we’re taking care of all of our animals and not doing anything cruel, like keep them chained up in front of restaurants. Sanctuaries like the one in this story too are very crucial in maintaining the health and preserve of innocent animals. The bear ran the risk of having a slow and painful death from an infection in the wound. Instead, he made a friend in the sanctuary and got the chance to live a long and happy life!


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