Wet Cats Have 22 Wonderful Looks

What do all wet cats have in common? What happens when they need a wash. While there are cats who do not dislike them, it usually takes an intense and prolonged training to get cats used to being wet. Being cold and dripping wet is just not a part of a cat’s routine. They don’t even need baths, since licking themselves allows the dirt to be evaporated. But when cats do get wet, one definite reaction is their utter negativity towards the whole experience.

People argue if wet cats can really swim. Bigger cats can, and do. Tigers, for instance, are known to soak in a pool and other watery places. They do and can swim. All felines lick themselves clean, so technically they do get themselves wet. Cats cannot sweat, which is why they need to do some grooming to stay clean. Unlike dogs, cats rely on their fur for warmth and a pressure sensor, so being among the wet cats may not always be good.

Having said that, as cat owners, it is our responsibilities to keep them clean and healthy, and one of the ways of achieving this is through a bath. Spraying water on cats who hate it might seem mean at first, but cats can and will get used to it. Bathing them also lets you keep them inside, so there are really some benefits to having wet cats. Cats are also intelligent creatures. They may not look like it, but cats can remember your faces, and have a heightened sense of smell. Even the slightest change in the air can tip them off.

For those cat owners out there, you must be able to relate to our photo collection this time. Getting a cat its bath is both fun and tiring, what with all the running around and the incessant meowing that just sounds like they are begging for you to stop. This time you can enjoy the cuteness of cats in water without having to deal with the hassle in case of wet cats.

1- Avoid being Wet
Avoiding Being Wet

eyes wide, legs awkwardly positioned, nobody else would react like this during a bath except for cats. This cat is so reluctant to be among the wet cats that you can see its tummy curving upwards away from the wetness.


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