Welcome To The All-Time WTF Facebook Post Collection

It seems some people might not have heard about the concept of a “digital footprint,” because some of the stuff people post on Facebook would be enough to make them hide their head in shame for a lifetime if it ever got out. Well, we are pleased to tell you many of the utterly outrageous posts that appear on Facebook do make it into the public arena.

You’d be surprised by the lack of intelligence that our list of biggest Facebook blunders portrays, but hey, not everyone can boast an IQ that would open the door to Mensa.

From naivety that would make just about any normal person incredulous, to revealing posts involving two-way dildos, we’ve now seen it all. Have a look at our slides and see for yourself.

7. Someone’s Been Searching For Anal-Vaginal Dildo Porn

We all know the internet is mostly used for virtual sexual gratification, but it’s probably something we’d rather not be living proof of. Unfortunately, this woman got the shock of her life when she mistakenly revealed to her friends her penchant for two-way dildos. But did she really owe her friends an apology?

6. This Is How You Deal With Twilight Fans

You’ve gotta feel for this poor kid, winding-up with a stint of community service and all. That said, who the hell wants to listen to someone going on about Twilight all night? “F**k heads” or not, turning your buddy into a werewolf as punishment is pretty damned creative.

5. There’s One Born Every Second

Being as naive as this kid must take some doing, but in some ways we feel sorry for the guy since for a while he must have thought a movie he was watching was the most brutal video ever made of real-life history. One thing that has us scratching our heads though: If he thought Leonardo was a dead man, how did he react the next time he saw him on TV? Maybe we should name him Lazarus DiCaprio…

It gets worse, just read on.

4. When You Get Totally Dissed For Trying To Do The Right Thing

It seems Lina might not have created this little ditty, but still, doesn’t she deserve some points for attempting to try to put something out there on social media that sounds almost profound? Her friend seems to think not, alluding to the fact that Lina could in fact be talking right out of her posterior. Poor Lina.

3. You’ve Been Hacked!

We said some people were quite ridiculously naive, but at least in this post one of the friends involved is obviously a damn sight smarter than his contemporaries. You should probably try this yourself tomorrow and see what the future might bring: a Messenger history full of lurid secrets or a bunch of people telling you you’re an idiot for trying. The experiment will at least let you gauge the intelligence of your Facebook buddies.

2. Much Too Young For Love

Looking at the atrocious spelling in this post, it should be evident that either our young lover has skipped the majority of her English classes or we are dealing with someone who just hasn’t lived long enough to actually see many words written down. She’ll have plenty of time in the future to star in the movie Heartbreak on Social Media.

1. Her Friend Dan Is So Brutal We Shouldn’t Laugh

If Dan weren’t the son of the deceased, we might be right in thinking he is one f**ked up kid. The fact he is the son of the deceased is probably less brutal, but at the same time a lot of questions need to be asked about Dan. He’s obviously a proponent of the darkest sort of humor, but we are not sure his niece, or anyone in Dan’s family, would enjoy his joke as much as he seemingly did.

We think we’ve pretty much covered the whole gamut here of the unbelievable stuff you might find on Facebook. From the accidentally sexually explicit, to the outrageously naive, to Dan the man – a son with a liking for jokes none of the family would find funny.

Seriously though, as a matter of advice to all of you out there busily putting your lives on Facebook, you should know that what you consider private can easily be copied and pasted for all the world to see. That said, if everyone was a social media conservative we’d sure face a dearth in amusing posts such at this. If you’ve seen something you think the world just has to see why not get back to us and tell us? You can be sure we’ll have more of this later, so keep checking in.


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