Weirdest Brothel EVER Offers Near-Perfect Sex Dolls

Technology is a wonderful, yet sometimes a terrifyingly confusing thing. And, as we’ll see, men will do almost anything to find the perfect woman.

At a brothel called Lumi Dolls in Barcelona, Spain, man’s lustful desires have fused with the power of technology to create the “perfect” robot sex doll.

Take a trip down the uncanny valley and meet some of the “girls.”

10. Lumi Dolls


On the Lumi Doll website, you can choose from 5 different models of different ethnicities. You can choose a schoolgirl, business, or fitness outfit for them to wear, and you can request a specific positioning upon your arrival. Spending time with these dolls can cost anywhere from $90 to $270 for a home visit. Now time to meet the dolls…

9. Katy


Meet Katy, a European doll who stands at 170 cm tall. She, or it, rather, has very large breasts, a pair of luscious lips, and eyes that penetrate your soul. She even talks and moves! Yes, just what every man wants, a girl that can both talk and move when you touch her!

8. Lily


Meet Lily, the “sweetest-looking” sex doll that Lumi offers. She’s Asian and, like her friend Katy, she has huge breasts, a small waist, and a full behind. She even has realistic skin. Unlike other dolls, Lumi Dolls claim to be much more hygienic, though they do require the use of lubricant and encourage the use of condoms.

7. Kanda


Meet Kanda, one of the newest models. Unlike the other dolls, her facial expression depicts a woman on the edge of ecstasy. Her eyes are closed and her mouth is slightly open. At the Lumi brothel, you can enjoy Kanda along with a wide selection of adult movies in your own private room.

6. Yoko


Meet Yoko, who is scheduled to soon arrive at Lumi Dolls. The special thing about her is, unlike the other dolls, she stays at a constant temperature of 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit in all parts of her body. She is seen posing in a white gown with a bouquet of flowers. I hear wedding bells!

5. Niky


Last but not least, meet Niky, the European sporty one. She’s referred to as “a goddess in the form of a doll” by Lumi. Pair her with the fitness outfit and make all of your wildest sex-in-the-gym fantasies come true. If that’s your sort of thing…

4. No Male Dolls


At Lumi, you will only find these 5 female dolls. There are no male dolls. Lumi says this is because they want to target straight men, as they seem to be the most lucrative customers on the market. Though they’re not affiliated with Lumi Dolls, there has recently been male dolls introduced to the sex doll market. So don’t worry, ladies.

3. So Many Questions


At Lumi, you can fulfill any fantasy with their dolls. The limit is yours to set. But just who exactly is interested in visiting these dolls? What type of man prefers a fake doll to a real woman? Take a look at the next slides to find out who these dolls are perfect for…

2. The Benefits


Turns out, a lot of men are interested. Men who are attracted to sex dolls fantasize about having a woman who is completely submissive. These dolls also provide company for men who would prefer not to interact with real women. Relationships with humans, to the men who like sex dolls, often means being hurt. A sex doll can’t hurt you emotionally.

1. Is This Healthy?


But is it healthy to do? Relationships with other humans are our way of growing and becoming better humans. Being alone with a sex doll forever is not going to help you get over a hurtful ex, nor prevent you from being hurt in the future. Maybe we should think about the effects of our inventions before we let things get too carried away.


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