69 Weird Yet Genius Inventions You Never Knew Existed

The Transparent Operation

In the last century, the world is awash with many inventions that at the time looked like pure genius but as time goes on they look more and more weird. However, these inventions helped pave the road for many of the gadgets we use today. Discover some of the most outrageous, weird yet genius inventions that made it to the market. Could you see yourself using any of these?

Though we are in a world where everything you need for a comfortable life is available, still there is room for weird yet genius inventions. The only need is to look around and think innovatively. They don’t have to be things that use high end technology. There are simple things that have not been produced so far. Any invention that makes life easier will be grabbed by people. Therefore, a person who has innovation in his blood still has chances to come up with a product that others have not been able to imagine even if it is a

Though we are in a world where everything you need for a comfortable life is available, still there is room for new innovations. The only need is to look around and think innovatively. They don’t have to be things that use high end technology. There are simple things that have not been produced so far. Any invention that makes life easier will be grabbed by people. Therefore, a person who has innovation in his blood still has chances to come up with a product that others have not been able to imagine even if these are weird yet genius inventions.

Price and the usefulness are the two factors that make new products popular among customers. Even if you think of producing an innovative luxury product these two factors need to be taken into account. However, there could be compromise between these two factors. In case a product is highly useful you can afford to make it a bit more expensive as people will still buy them. In our list of weird yet genius inventions there are some highly useful items, as they come at affordable prices and people buy them to enjoy luxuries they offer. The best thing you could do in order to evaluate them is to look at them and find if they are useful for your household.

1- Stick-On Butter
Butter Like Glue

First one on our list of weird yet genius inventions is butter on a glue stick. I’ll totally buy this one! No more messy and hassle free butter application for pancakes and toasts with this butter in a glue stick tube.

2- The Dry Side of The Bench
Using Dry Bench Only

Tired but couldn’t have seat on the bench because it’s wet? No problem. There are weird yet genius inventions that will allow you to just turn the handle on the side and voila! You can now have a seat without getting wet.

3- Anti-Theft Sandwich Bags
Who Moved My Cheese?

Anyone remembers that episode in the TV series, Friends, where Ross was so upset because someone at work ate his leftover thanksgiving sandwich? If only he had these anti-theft sandwich bags, he wouldn’t have to be called “mental” for writing threatening notes to scare people off his sandwich and he wouldn’t have been put on sabbatical for yelling at his boss who turned out to be his sandwich’s thief. Such weird yet genius inventions are great indeed.

4- Flask-Tie
Just Get Drunk Conveniently

Are you stressed at work? Can’t wait for a Friday night out to have a good and stress-free time with friends while drinking? Why wait ’til Friday when you can have a drink right from your tie. Yes, you read it right, your tie. With these weird yet genius inventions of a flask masked as a tie, you can carry up to half a pint of liquor of your choice everywhere and anywhere.

5- Pizza Scissors
Do It Differently

Weird yet genius inventions let you do things differently. You can cut and serve a full-size pizza slice in one quick motion without burning your hands or having any toppings fall off. With this brilliant kitchen tool called Pizza Scissors, scissors and spatula are merged together for better pizza cutting and serving experience.

6- Slurp Guard
No More Stains On Shirts

This, one of the weird yet genius inventions keeps soups and broths out of your hair. Hmm. Or you could just tie your hair in a ponytail?

7- Two Way Toothpaste
Squeeze the Last Gram Too

Never waste even a small drop of toothpaste anymore with this two-way toothpaste tube. It’s just one of the weird yet genius inventions. I can still live without it.

 8- Glass Toaster
The Transparent Operation

Wow, you can see slices getting brown for breakfast. Why not try this from the weird yet genius inventions, that is glass toaster that allows you to watch your bread while toasting?

9- Cuboid Watermelons
Oh No! I Wanted to Roll Them

This very expensive peculiar invention, Cuboid Watermelon is one of the weird yet genius inventions that prevents the watermelon from rolling over and facilitates easy slicing.

10- The Com-Jeans
Larger and Transparent Com Pockets

These jeans have a special transparent pocket for your phone is among the weird yet genius inventions. It offers a very convenient way of checking your texts in the subway, in a party or anywhere.

11- Fork Candle Holders
Blow Candles Then Use Forks

This party time saver allows for easy and faster bites off a birthday cake right after the celebrant blew his candles. These weird yet genius inventions let you opt one from the two – Forks or candles. Obviously at a time you use one of the two but here you use both on a cake.

 12- Staircase Drawers
Makes Stairs More Compact

This staircase that’s also a set of drawers is absolutely and fantastically genius! Its design looks pretty clever and sexy and is totally a space saver.

13- Motorized Ice Cream Cones
Perhaps Cannot Rotate The Cone

This collection from weird yet genius inventions is cute looking battery-powered ice cream cones rotates your melting scoop for you. No more ice cream dripping and cone turning.

14- Apple Sweaters
Sweater of Just an Innovation

With such weird yet genius inventions the apples started need of sweaters after so many years in this world. This adorable tiny-knitted apple sweater is specifically designed to prevent bruising your packed apple for lunch.

15- Soda Can Handle
Handle Bigger Than Can

Another addition to our weird yet genius inventions is this instant soda can grip handle. With its sleek comfortable handle design, you can easily snap it right onto your beer or soda cans. This is perfect for parties, picnics or just for chilling. Now you can keep your drink cold and keep your hand warm.

16- Hamster Cage Shredder
The Caged Confidentiality

Make the most out of your paper documents and use them second time around by shredding them directly into your hamster cage. Pretty time-saving and useful, right?

17- Stroller cum Scooter Hybrid Buggy
Pram Now Runs faster

This invention is a multi-functional baby stroller transformable into a scooter. Strolling your baby around town with The Roller Buggy has never been fun and easy for both the parent and the baby.

18- High Heel Training Wheels
Never Used Tired Heels

Keeps tripping while wearing heels? No problem. This ingenious invention created a pair of heels with training wheels to keep you out of balance.

19- Anti-Pervert Hairy Stockings
Shun Them Away

For all the girls out there, these gross yet creative anti-pervert hairy stockings are perfect for you. Buy one and look how you will magically repel all those perverts away!

20- Ping Pong Door
The Door Turns Table
Another Use of Home Door

This Ping Pong Door designed by Tobias Franzel lets you turn any room into an exciting weird yet genius inventions to use a limited space. With its genius design, you just have to flip this interior door and the match can begin in no time with your friends or loved ones. As what Franzel said in his own words, “A conventional door connects rooms, this door connects people.”

21- Goggles Umbrella
Peep Hole in the Name of Innovation

Another weird yet genius inventions is this Goggles Umbrella. Now, you can play in the rain while shielding your hair and makeup from the evil forces of the wind and rain. With its scuba goggle-shaped cut-out window, its much pretty easier to navigate safely around the street without lifting the umbrella out of the way.  Great as a gift or buy one for yourself!

22- Full Body Umbrella
That is 360 Degree care

As if the goggles umbrella is still not enough, you can also use such weird yet genius inventions as the full body umbrella to shield not only your hair and make up but also your outfit!

23- Ironius: The Coffee Mug Iron
Then What Iron is For?

You can now make the most out of drinking a hot coffee by using this coffee mug designed by Art Lebedev Studio. Aside from getting your daily stimulant from a steaming cup of hot coffee you can also make use of its heat by using this coffee mug called Ironius to iron out a few creases from your shirt.

 24- The AB-hancer
Just for The Look

No time or too tired to go to the gym? With this new invention, the AB-hancer allows you to dramatically enhance your 6-pack abs in seconds without doing thousands and thousands of sit ups! Cool, eh? Let’s be honest, we all want this!

25- Waist Watcher Belt
For Weight Watchers Alone

I remember the time when I used to have my school uniform tailor fitted just to keep an eye on my waist size and it was pretty effective. So this invention might be effective too and might be more accurate. Imagine, we can know how many inches we put on after each buffet binge. The only problem is, are you willing to proclaim your waist size to the world? Just like our age, we usually keep the amount of inches around our waist to ourselves. Unfortunately, this belt is only a project of Ecal and not really for sale.

26- Soccer Chairs
Another Mini Soccer

Wanna play soccer but you’re too lazy to stand and play? These soccer goal chairs are perfect as enablers of your laziness! Buy and play with friends now

27- Sleeping Bag With Arms and Legs
Sleeping Bag or Sleeping Suit

Going on a camping? Might as well try this newly invented sleeping bag with arms and legs! You can sleep anywhere and in any position with this sleeping bag. Plus, it can serve as an insect repeller and a comforter. Coincidentally, it reminds me of Walter White in Breaking Bad.

 28- Duck-Billed Protective Muzzle For Dogs
The Only Way to Control

We reckon your dogs would be happy to have this novelty duck billed protective muzzle rather than a nasty brutal-looking leather muzzle.  With Oppo’s new invention called Quack, you can treat your dog with the most original, comfortable and stylish protective pet muzzle there is. Just put it on your dog’s head and presto! You can effectively stop your dog from barking, biting and eating things randomly when going out.

29-  The Dogbrella Leash
Never Thought of it Earlier

Keep your pet happy and dry in rain, sleet, or snow with this new innovative invention called Dogbrella. These umbrella leashes are especially designed for pets. With a built-in leash hook, you can easily and quickly attach the dogbrella to your pet’s collar. Plus, it has a clear PVC window center for full viewing of your pet and it is very easy to slide and close.

30- Ostrich Pillow
Winter Travel Becomes More Convenient

Sleep anytime and anywhere with this Ostrich pillow which is advertised to provide a ‘micro-environment’ for napping on the go by isolating your head and hands into a warm dark space. While this may seem like a crazy idea, the inventor of this napping accessory started a campaign on crowd-funding site Kickstarter and raised almost $200k (more than double the original $70k goal). Thanks to these donations you can now buy your very own Ostrich Pillow online for just $99.

31- Foot-Powered Bike
Bicycle Made Difficult

This crazy pedal-less bike concept by Fliz is a prototype from Germany intended to promote the use of bicycles in the urban environment. Looks weird and cumbersome, though.

32-  Broom and Dustpan Slippers
The Dust Collection Without Bending

Is your back aching from bending over and over and over again while sweeping? The person behind these weird yet genius inventions must have hurt his back enough and finally created ‘The Broom and Dustpan Slippers’ as a solution to this problem. You can now sweep anytime, anywhere.

33- Corner Frames
The Novel Corner Pictures

Alright, this one seems pretty cool! These angled corner picture frames lets you to actually hang a photo frame around a corner. Space-saver and smart, right?

34- Baby Shower Cap
Baby Seems Thinking What Next?

Make your bathing job a lot easier with this silicone baby shower cap. Plus, it looks adorable on your baby. I’ll totally buy this one just because the baby so cute.

35- Forget-Me-Not Mittens
Walk Hands in Hands

Stop losing your child with the Forget-me-not Kid Mittens. These mittens are women’s mittens with a child-sized pocket for your kid’s hand. They are a great gift. Plus, they make parenting a lot more fun.

36- Microphone Loofah
Helps Bathroom Singing

Because we all need an excuse to sing like a diva in the shower.

37- Hug-Me Pillow
Hugs and Cuddles Quietly

Had a bad day? Missing someone? Needs a hug? No problem! This cleverly designed pillow with an arm called “The Hug Me Pillow” or “The Boyfriend Pillow” is now out on the market. Its unique shape is especially designed to provide comfort and firm sleeping support which makes it the perfect snuggling companion.

38- LED Slippers
When Hands Are Busy

Never stub your toe or trip in the night with these new innovation slippers with LED lights.

39- Biolite Camping Stove
Outdoor Battery Source

When you go on camping one of the biggest problems you face is charging your mobile phone. With this stove you can do that with a few pieces of firewood. These weird yet genius inventions is going to be very helpful when you go on camping.

40- Stirring Mug
Let’s Be Lazy in name of Innovation

When you drink your coffee with this mug it is not necessary to mix the content in order to make your sip uniform from start to finish. It will keep stirring its contents continuously without your having to use a spoon.

41- Balcony Bridge Riding Pots
The Qualified Wall Riders

It is not necessary to worry on space even if you are living in an upper floor of an apartment block when you want to have potted plants. These innovative pots will sit on the balcony bridge beautifully.

42- Biometric Safe
Safety & Security First

This safe that recognizes finger prints is a good one to keep things secure and safe. Only you can open it and it is a good place to keep your gun and valuables.

43- Flatulence Filtering Underwear
Private Things Upgraded

This underwear is able to prevent embarrassment as it absorbs smells with its embedded carbon filter technology. What a weird yet genius inventions.

44- Raptor hoodie
Hoody With Fun

Though it is not a great invention the one who invented this design has been highly innovative to come up with it.

45- Remote Door Locks
Convenience and Security Together

You no longer need to have locks and keys. Instead, lock your doors with your smart phone from remote locations.

46- No-Blind Rear View Mirror
Better View With Mirror

With this smart new invention you will be able to change lanes easily as you never need to cope with the blind spot of your rear view mirror.

47- Multi-Opening Door
Kids Use Their Own Door

This weird yet genius inventions allows everyone in the family to open and close doors. A toddler who is not tall enough to reach the standard door handle could open this door.

48- Solar Power Tent
Solar Powered Tent

When you carry one of these tents it is not necessary for you to take a generator for lighting and for charging devices such as mobile phones. It generates its own electricity.

49- Smart Pen
The Smart Pen

When you write anything with this smart pen that is connected to your smart phone with Wi-Fi, it will be recorded in the phone. So, taking notes and transferring them to your mobile phone is now as easy as it could be.

50- Multipurpose Breakfast Maker
Just One for All

With this small machine you can make your cup of coffee, fry your egg and even use its oven for any purpose. This is another weird yet genius inventions that makes things easy for you.

51- See-Through Highlighter
Rethinking Highlighting

One of the problems of conventional highlighter pens is that you cannot see what you are highlighting. But with this innovative highlighter you can see exactly what you are highlighting.

52- Watering Can
Water Bottle Re-Used

With this simple device you can convert your water bottle into a watering can. It comes in handy for watering indoor plants.

53- What-To-Do Tattoo
No Knots on Fingers

With this little device that allows you to tattoo anything on your palm or anywhere for that matter becomes a remedy to your poor short term memory.

54- Ultra Ever Dry
Water Proof Coating

This innovative water proof coating is able to keep any surface dry once it is applied even if you immerse it in water.

55- Umbrella in Storms
Umbrellas Modified

One of the problems with umbrellas is that they cannot be used on windy weather. But this weird yet genius inventions allows you to use it even in a storm.

56- Home Lift
Cool Smart Lift at Home

Lifts are cumbersome to install and are expensive. This innovative lift suitable for homes is different. You can go up and down easily with it but it will carry just one person at a time.

57- Kitchen Safe
Keep Food Safe

If you are not very good in self control this weird yet genius inventions is for you. Since this box will open according to the way it is timed you need to wait until time is up for your snack.

58- Laser Keyboard
No More Carrying Keyboard

When you have this device you could create a keyboard out of any surface. It could be connected to any device through Bluetooth. Therefore, you can use it with your smart phone or even with you iPad.

59- Nesting Knives are Among the Weird Yet Genius Inventions
Well Fitted Knives

These knives made out of stainless steel are very nicely set into a pack. It makes a good wedding gift as it comes in handy in any kitchen.

60- Heated Butter Knife
Hot Knife Finally Cuts Through Butter

This heated butter knife comes in handy for working women. When toasts are going to be prepared cold butter is difficult to apply. With this butter knife that problem will never arise as it melts the butter instantaneously.

61- Egg Yolk Separator
Yolks and Whites

Often, you need to separate egg yolk from egg white. This little device from the collection of weird yet genius inventions will help you do that effortlessly.

62- Lockable USB Stick
Securing Computer Data

There is a specialty with this USB stick among the weird yet genius inventions. It could be locked with a pass code. Therefore, no one could access data stored in it without the permission of its owner.

63- Guitar Pick Punch
Just a Push Makes The Pick

These weird yet genius inventions will enable you to make guitar picks with your old credit cards or any other sheets of plastic. Though it is a simple device, for those who play guitar often it might come in handy.

64- Oven Pull Tabs
Shelves are Safer Now

Even the manufacturers of ovens with all their research teams have not thought about such weird yet genius inventions that oven shelves get heated making it difficult for housewives to pull them out. These pull tabs made out of silicon will not get heated.

65- All-In-One Cooler
All Cooling Needs in One

This cooler is a special one as it also has a bottle opener and a blender. With it you can not only cool your bottles of drinks and open them easily but also could make your own drinks using the blender.

66- Smart Water Bottle
Just A Bottle Doing So Much

These are from weird yet genius inventions that allow you to keep your valuables secure when you are engaged in any activity outside your home. When you go to the gym it will come in handy as your keys, credit cards and cash could be left in its special compartment.

67- Roof Rack Shower
Shower Was Once A Luxury

This portable shower mounted on the roof rack of your vehicle will come in handy when you go camping and seek benefits from weird yet genius inventions. Though it is not a great innovation it provides a lot of convenience to people who go on camping and such other trips.

68- Guitar Chimes Door Bell
Another Use of Guitar

If you like sounds of guitar install this door bell that emits guitar chimes. It is from the weird yet genius inventions that comes in handy if you are a lover of guitars.

69- Can Cooler
Convenient Can Cooler

This can cooler works on car battery, outdoors and in office. The cooler gives chilling results in ten minutes and does not freeze the can contents. It is quite handy and safe to take while travelling.

Is your mind blown seen these weird yet genius inventions? Mine is. Makes me want to become an inventor. As more and more inventions keep on appearing, no matter how weird or genius, they are totally gonna change our way of living. Share if you found these inventions genius and useful…or just totally weird.

These are days when people try to invent new things. They are also encouraged with various possibilities offered with new technology that is being available for use. With above list of inventions you will find some great ones. Also, it is possible for you to find such weird yet genius inventions in between. They often come in handy when it comes to day to day work of house wives. There are also some inventions that are meant for use outdoors. One thing common with most of them is that they are simple inventions which have never come to the minds of others.

Since new inventions are the basis for a development of a society, weird yet genius inventions become great asset for the society where its inventor belongs to. Therefore, it is also your duty to think of something new and try to invent something. It is not necessary for you to be a scientist to do so. Most inventions in this list have been invented by laymen using most basic facilities. The only need for you to create a new thing is to have a creative mind that allows you to think differently deviating from the way others think.

In case you make up your mind and look around the house to find something to innovate, it won’t be long before you invent something useful. The most important thing in this case is not to give up. It is a must for you to continue your effort until you come up with even something that is weird yet genius inventions.