Weird (And Sometimes Disgusting) Things That All Women Do

It’s no secret that women have some strange habits. However, many of those habits are things we simply can’t hide. But what about those weird (and sometimes disgusting) things that we do that you don’t actually know about? Read on to learn 10 gross things that all women do.

10. We Shave Our Toes


It happens. Most women don’t want to have long hairs on their toes and the easiest way to get rid of the hair is to hit the toes with a razor while we’re shaving our legs. Some women will even get their toes waxed, believe it or not.

9. We Eat Food That’s Fallen Into Our Cleavage


Sure, plenty of people drop food down their shirts and recover it quickly enough to eat it safely without anyone batting an eye. However, some women have been known to find food in their bras and eat it, even if the food is found an hour after a meal.

Speaking of bras, #3 is a fact of life for most women.

8. We’ve Worn The Same Bra Everyday For A Week Without Washing It


We all have a favorite bra and that bra gets worn. A lot. Women have been known to wear the same bra for several days without throwing it in the laundry. Because if it’s in the laundry, how are we going to wear it? And then there are times when we put it in the laundry and dig it out before throwing it in the washing machine.

7. Sometimes We Don’t Wash Our Hair — For Days


Just because we shower every day, that doesn’t mean that we wash our hair every day. Women have been known to go several days without lathering up their locks. We might use dry shampoo or keep our hair up in a ponytail, but washing it doesn’t happen as often as you might think. Think that’s gross? #6 is also hair related.

6. We Enjoy Digging Out In-Grown Hairs


A woman takes great pride in digging out in-grown hairs, especially in the public region. It’s really just short of surgery and can involve tweezers, Q-Tips, and maybe even some blood. Getting an in-grown hair might be painful to you, but it’s nothing but pleasure for us.

5. We’ve Been Known To Trim Our Pubes Whilst Sitting On The Toilet


It’s a great angle to really get ourselves trimmed and proper. There is something comfortable and convenient about trimming and/or shaving pubes while sitting on the toilet, and it happens a heck of a lot more than you think.

If you thought we were done with hair, you’d be wrong. #4 keeps this trend going.

4. We Love Plucking Odd Body Hairs


We get strange hairs in strange places from our chins to our belly buttons and we love plucking them out. While we’re used to plucking our eyebrows, finding a stray hair in an odd place is like the holy grail. We can’t wait to grab tweezers and get rid of that sucker.

3. Enjoying Popping Zits


Zits are the best, especially blackheads, and ones in weird locations are our favorite. It’s true. And if you’re dating a woman that loves popping zits, she will be overly excited if she finds one on you that requires her services. She loves to dig deep and get the whole zit out, even if it hurts.

2. Sometimes We Don’t Shave For Days

The Apricity

While this is more likely to happen in the winter months, some women just don’t shave for days. If we have nowhere to be and no one to impress, we’re fine letting our leg hairs grow out a little bit. Shaving takes effort and sometimes we don’t want to put that effort in.

1. We Adjust Our Boobs Up And Down While Looking In The Mirror

The Mirror

The #1 thing that all women do is adjust their boobs in the mirror. First, we pick them up to see what we’d look like if we got implants. Next, we push them down to imagine what we’ll look like when they start to sag. We also compare the sizes and try to convince ourselves that the left one isn’t that much bigger.


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