Girls Confess The Weirdest Things Guys Wanted To Do To Them In Bed

Sex can sometimes get pretty monotonous. Doing the same position in the same location can make sex lose its fervor. Luckily there are guys out there who try to be a little more creative. But creativity tends to walk on the weird side. Just look at what these girls were asked to do.

10. Too Many Holes

Girls get their nipples pierced to increase the sensitivity of that region. Usually, it’s her idea. One guy “insisted that I get my nipples pierced. I kept refusing but eventually caved in. Now I’m stuck with them and every guy I date thinks I’m a slut because of it.” Did you try taking them out? Our girl in #9 can’t seem to catch a break. She caught two of them.

9. Spectator Sex

One girl found it awkward when her boyfriend wanted to keep watching her have sex with other guys. “It was super weird. We broke up soon afterward because I got the feeling he would rather watch me have sex than actually do it himself.” It would make more sense if it involved another woman.

8. Remote Controlled Love

With today’s technology, it’s easy to sexually connect from remote distances. One guy wanted his girlfriend to wear a remote controlled vibrator to work while he held the remote. “I actually got fired because I had a huge orgasm right in front of my boss… So embarrassing.” The couple in #7 could get arrested for what the guy wants her to do.

7. That’s Just Unsanitary

One romantic Casanova wanted to meet his girlfriend at random local dive bars. He would proceed to pull her “into the restroom for raunchy, against-the-wall sex.” Now that’s just nasty, especially if it was the men’s room. I hope they washed their hands when they were done.

6. Gotta Snatch ‘Em All

Have you ever loved a children’s cartoon a little too much? According to this girl, her ex-boyfriend “had a massive Pokemon fetish” and “he wanted me to dress up as Pikachu while he had sex with me and I had to make Pikachu noises the whole time.” Maybe you don’t really have to catch them all. It still has to be better than being treated like #5.

5. Not The Doggy Style You’re Thinking Of

It’s normal to add a little foreplay to your relationship, but it should be mutual. “He wanted me to wear a collar and have me walk around on my hands and knees while he held a leash… I endured about an hour of it and then told him he could find another girl, I was done.”

4. Strictly A Cuddler

This girl admits to it being strange when a man just wants to cuddle. Nothing else. “It was actually a little insulting… I mean here I am, a super hot chick, and he doesn’t even want sex? What a weirdo.” Sounds like this guy deserves a little of what #3 wants.

3. Spank You For A Good Time

Some guys need a little discipline in their lives. Some girls don’t see it coming, “I was taken completely off guard when a guy asked ME to spank HIM… I was really weirded out and I have to admit I refused to do it… Things got awkward after that and we broke up not long after.”

2. Daddy Issues

Calling someone “daddy” during sex is fairly common. It makes some girls question what’s really going on. “I almost throw up thinking about it but one of my ex-boyfriends wanted me to call him daddy while we had sex… I did it for a few times but had to break up with him soon after.” The guy in #1 probably won’t be able to be a daddy.

1. The Nut Cracker Prince

Some guys just like abuse but they can go a little too far. “He wanted me to kick him as hard as I could in the nuts. I only did it three or four times, and then it got way too weird. Still, I kicked him pretty hard… I’m almost certain that he can’t have kids anymore.”


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