10 Ways Movies Don’t Even Come Close To Reality

A lot of people watch romantic films because they want their life to mirror the most romantic scenes in cinema history. Who doesn’t want to meet their crush at the top of the Empire State Building for a late-night make-out session? Or fall for someone who has no interest, only to put in the time and effort of winning her heart so you can spend the rest of your lives together?

Those grandiose times are not real and rarely happen. Let’s have a look at 10 times the movies completely set the bar unrealistically high compared to what really happens.

10. She’s Just That Into You

In the movies, the popular good-looking guy finally realizes the nerdy girl is the person he wants to spend the rest of his life with. When it comes to real life, the popular good-looking guy has no idea the girl exists and will most likely never talk to her.

9. Please, I Might Lose The Love Of My Life

The emotional scenes where people are saying goodbye or chasing someone who they have almost lost down at the airport for a warm embrace aren’t very accurate. Getting stuck in traffic, arriving 10 minutes late for a flight, and the TSA security checkpoint can prevent anything like that from happening for real.

8. Always In The Friend Zone

In the film, our hero has to fight over hand and foot to win the heart of the girl he has been chasing for years. When we return to the real world, he has been placed in the friend zone on multiple occasions. What happens after he finally gets her in bed? Find out in #7.

7. I Feel Like Smoking A Cigarette… Or Watching The Walking Dead

After a steamy sex scene, the two people are casually lying in bed together talking about the amazing experience. That may have happened in the past, but nowadays people are usually sharing their experience on social media or watching the latest episode of their favorite show that was just recorded.

6. Don’t Break Your Lease For Some Girl

Sappy romantic films always depict the two strangers dropping everything to escape on their new life together. What the film doesn’t show you is that it takes some time to get their affairs in order. Selling the car, the house, finding storage for all of your belongings are just the beginning.

5. Can’t Keep Your Hands Off

We fantasize about bursting through the front door after a hot date while clawing at each other to remove clothes and get down to business. In reality, we are fighting for who is going to use the restroom first before making sure the cat is fed. Head over to #4 to find out what typically happens next.

4. That Was My Nice Plate!

Later in this scene, the couple throws everything off of the dining room table to make room for the animalistic lovemaking that is about to occur. What the movies don’t show is the amount of time it’s going to take to clean up all of the food stains and broken family china.

3. You’d Look Beautiful If I Could See You

In the movies, the nerdy girl or guy takes off their prescription glasses and everyone realizes how sexy they are. As if a person’s ability to see clearly decides how good they look. In real life, they can’t see anything without glasses and no one recognizes them anyway.

2. Sex Is Not Usually So Perfect

Hollywood love scenes portray the perfect harmony and synergy experienced by the two lovers. In the real world, couples step on each other’s feet, bump foreheads, and fight over what position comes next. Adding candles and music might help, but music in the movies is often used for a different purpose as you’ll see in #1.

1. Soundtrack Of My Life

Directors often choose songs in films that are appropriate to the character’s feelings at the moment. The songs set the mood for future dialogue. In real life, we can’t read minds or tell what anyone is thinking. That takes real communication and actually asking someone how they’re feeling.

After reading this, does your life seem less like the fairy tale you imagined when you were a child? Do you set some high expectations for your partner because you watch too many movies? Give your partner a little credit, they have a full-time job and can’t be adjusting real life to meet your misguided hopes about what true love really is. That’s reserved for Valentine’s Day. Can you think of some other stereotypical movie settings that are completely unrealistic?

Share a time when your partners expected you to rewrite the script of your life to match their “happily ever after.”


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