Warning: Women Cringe At The Sound Of These Everyday Words

The English language is filled with enough words to express yourself in every way imaginable. Although there are plenty of synonyms and antonyms to spruce a sentence up, some words just rub people the wrong way.

Women avoid saying these words at all costs—slide #6 is sure to gross you out!

11. Secrete Is Better Left Unsaid


Does anyone really want to talk about things that ooze and the like? Let’s just avoid this terminology at all times—it’s a surefire way to kill any conversation.

10. Chunky Is No Way To Talk About A Lady

 Rebel Circus

Although the words thick and curvy are compliments, calling a woman chunky is a big, fat no. Only use this term to describe peanut butter.

9. Squirt Can Make Things Super Awkward


The sexual reference is strong with this one. Many women would rather avoid hearing about anything that can squirt. Save it for the bedroom.

#8 should be removed from your vocabulary, too!

8. Queef Can Kill Any Romance Right Off The Bat

Huffington Post

Although a queef is a natural occurrence when it comes to a woman’s body, no lady wants to hear this word uttered out loud—EVER.

7. Smear Has A Distinct Medical Meaning


Although you may use smear when talking about your food, it reminds women of that dreaded trip to the gynecologist. The last thing women want to be reminded of is their annual exam!

6. Orifice Is Simply The Worst Of All Words

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Talking about the numerous openings of the human body is no conversation starter, sure. The word orifice, though, is just especially cringeworthy in any context.

5. Flap Doesn’t Sound Good

The Inquisitr

No lady wants to discuss excess skin or body fat, and the word “flap” just makes the concept ten times worse. Better to stick your foot in your mouth and keep it to yourself!

4. Pass On Using The Word “Pustule”


Any word that contains “pus” has got to get the boot. This word just screams gross through and through!

Don’t use this next word, either…

3. Bulbous Should Be Absolutely Banned


Talking about any sort of growth is beyond cringeworthy, so referring to it as bulbous just adds fuel to the fire. Never use this word—even if it’s on the tip of your tongue!

2. Think Of A Better Word Than Curd


As if chatting about cottage cheese is ever appealing? Women would rather not be reminded of their bodily functions or even past infections. Leave curd behind in conversation.

1. Moist Definitely Tops The List


Simply the pronunciation of this word sends people running—refrain from using it. Everyone will thank you immensely, and we can all agree that this one can just be taken out of the dictionary without question!


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