Is She A Virgin? Pay Attention To These Details To Figure It Out

Men and women have lied and told tall tales about all aspects of sex for as long as time. Guys and girls have especially stretched the truth about whether or not they’ve actually had sex in the first place.

How do you know if a woman is actually telling the truth about being a virgin? Here are 10 ideas that may help you figure it out.

10. Women Who Have Had Sex Are More Outgoing


For whatever reason, sex can make a woman more brazen. Women who have had sex before might be more outgoing and mischievous, and they may be more willing to try new things.

If you can’t figure it out from paying attention to those details, maybe #9 will help you…

9. She Walks Differently


A woman who has had sex before might walk differently than a woman who hasn’t. Some people seem to believe that a woman’s vaginal opening grows after sex, giving them a different strut than a woman who hasn’t had sex before.

Could be true, but proceed with skepticism…

8. She’ll Be Super Shy

Alluring to

Rumor has it, women who are sexually experienced have this sort of penetrating glare that can match a man’s stare without issue. If you meet a girl who is constantly looking away and being really shy, she may be a virgin.

We’d believe this one—and #7 is also a good indication.

7. She Doesn’t Flirt… At All


A woman who doesn’t flirt with you—not even a little bit—could be a virgin. Since women who have had sex know what they want, they are more likely to go out and get it.

Both men and women who are sexually inexperienced might tend to be more reserved and generally won’t put themselves out there as much.

6. Virgins Are Happier People


Women who have had sex before have experienced a change in hormonal balance. That means, these women have had mood swings and probably aren’t always cheerful.

If you meet a woman who literally seems happy all the time, you might be able to believe her if she tells you that she is a virgin.

5. Experienced Women Pick Up On Body Language

Lazy Girls

An experienced woman will pick up on your flirty body language, and it’s more likely that she’ll want to flirt back.

A virgin might have a harder time picking up on the cues you’re laying down, unless they’re smart and socially intelligent—in which case, your game might just be bad if they aren’t responding.

4. She’s Not On The Pill

Wise Bread

A woman who isn’t having sex doesn’t have to worry about being on contraceptives. If a girl tells you that she’s not on the pill, that’s a good sign that she’s not having sex. Thus, you may be able to assume that she’s a virgin.

3. She’s Not Into Sex Talk


A girl who hasn’t had sex won’t be involved in any conversation about sex. The topic completely disinterests her because she can’t really relate.

A woman who has had sex might be more open to any and all discussions about sex—a dead giveaway. And so is #2…

2. She Won’t Be Wearing A Lot Of Makeup

Wein Fashion

Women who have had sex before usually wear makeup regularly. It is said that virgins wear little to no makeup, and usually appear more wholesome in general. A virgin may not even own a lot of makeup.

For the easiest way to tell if she’s a virgin, click on to see #10!

1. She’s Super Religious


Perhaps the easiest way to tell if a girl is a virgin is to gauge how religious she is. A woman that strongly values her spiritual beliefs may decide to save herself for marriage

If a girl goes to church regularly and often talks about her faith, there’s a good chance that she’s a virgin.


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