How To Use Tinder For What It’s For: One Night Stands

If you’ve used the popular dating app Tinder with any kind of romantic success, cheers to you. Generally, however, the app is viewed mainly as a way to hook up. It’s the best way to find someone who wants nothing more than a night of fun, and we’re here to tell you how that’s done.

10. Make It Clear In Your Bio


If you’re trying to avoid getting into a relationship, make sure that message comes through loud and clear in your bio. Start by stating very basic information about yourself and end with, “just looking for a good time.” Next, it is time to upload some photos that further your message.

9. Make Your Photo Game Strong


You want the opposite sex to view the hottest photos that you’ve got. Avoid putting pictures of you and your dog or you and your grandmother. You want pictures of yourself laughing, pictures on vacation, and pictures that show how much fun you are. You do NOT want to add photos that show how down-to-earth and friendly you are, otherwise you’re going to end up meeting someone who wants more than just a fling.

8. Don’t Swipe For Anyone Advertising More Than You Want

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It doesn’t matter how good looking you think the other person is, just don’t do it. Anyone that advertises that they are looking for “the one” or that they are looking to “meet someone they can have a conversation with” isn’t the person you should be interested in.

7. Avoid People Who Show Too Much Skin

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While it’s great to find someone with a hot body, any person who is posting half-naked photos on Tinder is clearly trying to compensate for something. While this might seem like a winner, it’s not, and you can take that to the bank. Tip #6 is what you do want.

6. Watch For Adventurous Types — And Swipe!

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A Tinder profile that includes a lot of adventure-type photos suggests that person likes to have fun and try new things. Someone who is sharing these exciting things is more likely to want to have a one night stand over a relationship. This is what you should be looking for.

5. Don’t Catch Feelings

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If you see someone who appears to be your “type,” you must avoid swiping left. At all costs. Catching feelings when you’re not looking for something serious is a cardinal rule that you simply cannot afford to break. Once you’re sure that you’ve found someone who you won’t fall head over heels in love with, it’s time for #4.

4. Go In With A Good Pickup Line

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Your first message to the Tinder user that you’re looking to have fun with should be FUN! Send a smooth pickup line — make it sexy and flirty. This will set the tone for your conversation and will hopefully give the other person a clear view of what you’re looking for.

3. Be Up Front

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There’s nothing worse than having someone mistake your flirty tone for something more, so it’s best to be up front. If you want to know where the other person stands, try asking them straight away, “Are you just looking for a good time tonight?” If their answer is yes, you’re good to go. If not, it’s time to move on.

2. Meet In Public, Not At Your House


While the whole point of this post is to find you someone to hook up with, it’s still important to be safe. Meet up with your Tinder find for drinks in a public location before heading to the bedroom. You don’t have to talk about anything serious, but it’s totally cool to get to know each other on a basic level before sleeping together.

1. Let The Magic Happen


And now, the moment you’ve been waiting for! Make sure that you’re very clear about what you’re looking for so that the other person doesn’t get the wrong idea. If you both enjoy yourselves, there’s a chance that you’ve found yourself a hook-up buddy — minimally, you’ve successfully used Tinder the way it was intended.


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