Uncovered: The Body Behind The Badge Of This Beautiful Cop

This is Adrienne Koleszar, a German police officer and international internet sensation. She is the newest darling of Instagram and with the lovely Officer Koleszar on duty it’s a wonder the crime rate in the German City of Dresden hasn’t gone through the roof.

Law abiding citizens from around the world have declared their eagerness to travel to Germany and commit just about any crime so they might be arrested by the blonde bombshell. Not many people would resist arrest if Adrienne was the one doing the detaining, unless of course they wanted to be wrestled to the ground.

Not Just A Pretty Face

Koleszar is not just any regular police officer either, she has reached the command rank of Senior Commissioner, and she doesn’t plan on giving up her career as part of the thin blue line anytime soon.

Adrienne has been vocal about how much she loves her job and that she feels lucky to have her fitness modeling “on the side.”

Award-Winning Body

Her fitness modeling isn’t just for fun, either. Not only is she a first-class crime fighter, she has also won several awards at the World Fitness Championships.

Officer Koleszar would obviously have no trouble taking down a perp and people are lining up for her to take down their particulars.

The Evidence Is In

This super fitness doesn’t come without plenty of work, though. Koleszar hits the gym every day and says she enjoys a workout with the 170kg hip thrust. Adrienne says her butt is her best feature and that the hip thrust helps keep it perky, rounded and toned just the way she likes it. Just take a look a few slides down and you’ll see what we mean.

Police Restraint

Adrienne also sticks to a strict eating regime. She weighs and measures all of her food and prepares her meals from scratch. Her favorite meal is a bowl of porridge with egg whites mixed in but she does like potatoes and has been known to fly past her regular intake of 2,500 calories a day.

No Violations Here

As with most fitness champions, Koleszar does take supplements to augment her diet and exercise program.

Protein powder, multivitamins, minerals including zinc and magnesium, and BCAA which helps you maintain muscle mass while on a low-calorie diet are all part of her daily routine. Of course, you would never find any illegal supplements on Adrienne or else she would have to arrest herself.

Take Down Her Particulars

For those of you who like to see the numbers, let’s break it down.

Adrienne is, wait for it, 32 years old. Her measurements are height: 5’8”, weight: 135lbs,  hips: 39”, waist: 26”, bust: 32C, but there is no word on the number of arrests she has made or the number of people who have turned themselves in just to meet her.

A Comely Constable

Despite this t-shirt that she is looking absolutely fabulous in, Miss Koleszar’s favorite city in the world is not Metropolis, the fictional home of Superman, it is actually New York.

Adrienne fell in love with the Big Apple while on a modeling photo shoot and the people of New York were probably sad to see her go.

Why She Holstered A Weapon

The ambition to join the police service did not evolve in response to watching Cops as a kid.

When she was around 14, Koleszar was caught smoking pot with a group of friends. The officers who found the teens treated them so well that Adrienne was inspired to join the police herself.

Our Defenses Were Dropped

Adrienne started posting photographs of herself on Instagram just for fun, but then someone discovered how stunning the super-fit crime fighter is and the Internet fell for her hook, line, and sinker.

Now she has over 400,000 Instagram followers, fans from all around the world who would happily be taken away in handcuffs if she was the one doing the arresting.

So Good She Should Be Illegal

Her bosses are happy to allow her to model as long as she doesn’t do anything too revealing and that is just fine by Adrienne. She has clearly stated in an interview that she’ll never go topless or nude, because “I am mainly aiming my photographs at women, not men.”

The evidence is clear, Officer Koleszar is an arresting sight both in and out of uniform. Most men would be happy to be penalized for their misconduct and would return to the scene time and time again in the hope of being captured the by Senior Commander.

With a dedication to her job that is as formidable as her dedication to her fitness, it is likely that Instagram will continue to be lit up by the world’s most gorgeous crime fighter for some time to come.

Do you follow Officer Koleszar on Instagram? If not, you can find her at adrienne_koleszar.


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