From Ugly Duckling To Sexy Swan: Here Are 12 Transformations That Will Blow Your Mind


No matter your station in life or salary bracket, at one point, we all had to go through some pretty rough growing pains. Even though some of us were popular and there were those that floated effortlessly between different “groups” of people, we all felt like an ugly duckling at one point during our adolescence. Here’s the thing about growing up–you don’t stay an awkward-looking, pimple-faced teenager for life. Everyone grows out of that stage, but there are some who blossom into completely different looking people.

Here are 12 stunning transformations that will have you looking up your old classmate on Facebook.



12. The Mac Truck

Sometimes puberty just hits a person like a mac truck, and such could be said for this total babe of a man from reddit. He went from awkward teen to “Baywatch” babe so fast that he’s completely unrecognizable. He didn’t just drop that baby weight, but he got bulk, too!

If you think this is a crazy transformation, check out #9.

11. Growing Into Looks

The one thing we often hear with awkward kids is that they’ll grow into their features over time. Although that saying is sometimes said out of comfort, for some people it’s the truth. Take this awkward pre-teen girl, who grew into her big ears and big lips, and is now a complete stunner.

10. Ryan Gosling’s Cousin

Sometimes getting your braces removed can make all the difference, in not just your look but in your confidence. Check out this random redditor who submitted his before and after photos. He’s completely unrecognizable and full of metal in his before picture, and in his after picture, he could pass for Ryan Gosling’s red-headed cousin. Look at that suave pose!

9. Mullet No More

The rat tail and the mullet looked good on absolutely no one. Once people started getting rid of their mullets and finding a new fashionable hairstyle, their faces transformed. Take this guy who posted a geeky photo featuring a long mullet and his current day picture. What an upgrade!

The wild transformations continue. Just head on over to #6.

8. Santa’s Little Helper

This kid from reddit was so awkward that he could get away with sitting on Santa’s lap well into his teens and no one would call him out on it, but his after picture, including his much-needed upgrade in style, is something to gawk at. What a transformation!
7. Finding The Straightening Iron

Sometimes all a person needs is a straightening iron to completely transform their look from poodle to blonde bombshell. From the looks of it, this redditor found that straightening iron and the results are amazing. This new hairstyle really made the girl do a 180, with the softer look bringing out beautiful features she had from the very beginning, like those stunning eyes.

6. Missing Boyband Member

Although we can definitely see that stereotypical nerd in the photo on the left, this kid was always adorable in his own way. That said, with a better haircut, some hair product, and seeing puberty to the other side, this redditor went from adorably nerdy to being able to fill in Zayn’s spot in One Direction.


Think this a wild transformation? Check out #3.

5. The Shy Middle Schooler

This kid has that shy middle schooler pose down to a science. She’s leaning slightly to the right, her posture isn’t the greatest, and she has a hesitant smile that says it all. It’s the body language that one wears when they aren’t comfortable in their own skin. This kid made a huge transformation and from the looks of it, she seems completely confident.

4. Taco Bell Girl

She might not have been the most stylish middle schooler ever, but this random redditor always had a cute look to her. Sill, we can’t deny that a major transformation happened. She went from a semi-awkward tomboy who wore Taco Bell shirts to a gorgeous woman who figured out how to enhance those killer eyes.

3. The Possible Bachelor Contestant

Talk about an unrecognizable transformation. This redditor went from extreme ugly duckling to someone who could easily score a gig on “The Bachelor.” While we tend to make fun of the old 90s RomCom trope of a character becoming hot after they take their glasses off, for this guy, that cliche rings true.

This was a crazy transformation, but nothing beats #1.

2. Too Much Hair Gel

While hair gel might solve problems for people when it comes to maintaining out of control hair, this one redditor took that idea and made a huge problem for himself. Instead of taming his hair, he shellacked it to his head and created an absolute monster. Thankfully, he got rid of the gel later on in life and that made all the difference.

1. Terrible Acne

Sometimes there are things we simply can’t help when it comes to those awkward teen years. For some, it might be a quick fix, but for this redditor, suffering from a horrible case of acne didn’t do him any favors. This sometimes painful condition left his face completely scarred as a teen, but thankfully his problem cleared up in a big way later on in life, making him a babe.

So there you have it–those were the fifteen most shocking physical transformations that you’re likely to ever see. In some cases, all it took was some solid fashion advice and for some fads to fade out of the pop culture sphere. In other cases, some people just had to grow into their awkward looks before they reached their true gorgeous potential. Although all of these cases are unique, if one thing is for certain – each and every one of these individuals is relatable because of their struggle through adolescence. Each and every one of us has a story no matter how we end up looking in the end.