Two Puppies Were Left to Die in a Tar Pit Until This Happened


All over the world, there are people willing to risk their own safety in order to help the less fortunate — especially when they’re four-legged and covered in fur. A team of airsoft players in Antofagasta, Chile were no exception to this. After hearing the cries of puppies, the team jumped into action, leading to a daring rescue.

Once these puppies were exposed to the unthinkable, it took a group of good-hearted folks to save them from the brink of death. Keep reading to warm your own heart and find out how something so terrible could end so sweetly!

#12 Cries for Help

001-12-cries-for-help-684388Just out for a day of playing airsoft, a group of teenagers in Antofagasta, Chile stopped their fun when they heard nearby cries for help. In the beginning, the group found themselves staring into a black pit of tar, unsure of what was struggling to move inside. But they were sure something was in trouble…

#11 Puppies in the Pit

002-11-puppies-in-the-pit-684406Eventually, the team recognized there were two puppies stuck in the tar pit, covered from head to toe in the black sludge. The tar was so thick it was weighing the puppies down, making it impossible for them to escape. The group knew they had to do something and fast if they were going to have any chance at saving the puppies.
#10 A Daring Rescue

003-10-a-daring-rescue-684414They decided to form a sort of lasso to pull the dogs to the edge. Unfortunately, the tar was so heavy that in pulling the dogs, they began to cry out in pain. The team decided to lay nearby tires into the tar, trying to get closer in order to grab the dogs from the pit.

#9 The Tar Was Too Thick

004-9-the-tar-was-too-thick-684441While building their makeshift bridge, the puppies began to struggle to breathe, making the team work even faster. Without thinking, one brave soul leaned into the pit, his friends holding him by his belt loops, as he tried to pluck one puppy out of the sludge. The rescuer soon realized he couldn’t pull the puppy out and instead ushered him to the edge of the pit…

#8 Halfway To Freedom

005-8-halfway-to-freedom-684451Once the rescuers discovered that this was the best method to rescue the first puppy, they quickly transitioned to the next. With one puppy out of the tar, part of the team began to try and remove the tar from his small frame while the rest focused on rescuing the one remaining puppy…

#7 Free But Still Fighting

006-7-free-but-still-fighting-684457Finally, both the puppies were freed from their tar-coated prison. However, they were far from out of the woods yet as the team recognized how difficult the task of removing the tar from their fur would be. In addition to this, the teens were concerned about the health of the pups, who were still struggling to breathe …
#6 Going For Help

007-6-going-for-help-684460The team knew that the only way to ensure the puppies’ future survival was by getting them to a vet’s office — fast. The closest shelter specialized in cats only, but the people there were willing to help after seeing the poor animals struggling for air coated in the thick black tar …

#5 Things Begin To Look Up

008-5-things-begin-to-look-up-684476Once they arrived at the shelter, volunteers began to help remove the tar, careful of their faces as tar can lead to permanent blindness as well as respiratory distress. Eventually, they were able to see patches of fur and finally see more puppy than tar. Throughout the process, the puppies wagged their tails showing their happiness over being rescued.

#4 Laica And Lancelot

009-4-laica-and-lancelot-684478After a lot of scrubbing, the original airsoft team was able to pose with the rescued puppies instead of just two black blobs. After the tar was wiped away, they discovered one male and one female puppy. The duo is named Laica and Lancelot. Unfortunately, the two had to face one more battle before they’d be fully safe…

#3 One More Fight…

010-3-one-more-fight-684480It was discovered that before the puppies slipped into their tar prison, they had contracted the viral disease canine distemper. The disease affects the entire body, from the nervous system to the gastrointestinal tract. Luckily, the disease was caught early and the puppies were able to be properly treated and put on the road to new homes…

#2 All That Tar…

011-2-all-that-tar-684482Once the puppies arrived at the shelter, the volunteers began collecting the tar. These two huge bins hold only some of the tar removed from the puppies! Keep in mind some of the tar had been removed before the puppies had even made it to the shelter. It’s hard to believe the puppies were able to survive such an ordeal…

#1 Finally Safe

012-1-finally-safe-684484After some time spent recovering in the shelter, the puppies were ready to be adopted. They appeared on local television to help raise awareness of animal cruelty as well as find them loving homes. Luckily, the two were adopted into the same home so they will always be “stuck” together!

While not all stories this tragic have happy endings, we are glad to see Laica and Lancelot did not only survive, but thrived after their abuse. Unfortunately, this is not the case for every puppy as some were found to have died in another nearby pit. Their story lives on to raise awareness not only about animal neglect and cruelty in Chile, but around the world.

Luckily, there are extraordinary people like this airsoft team who were willing to not only sacrifice their time but also risk their own safety in order to save the lives of two innocent puppies.