Try These 23 Exciting Sex Positions—They’ll Rock Your World

If you’re getting bored in the bedroom, you can try one of these sex positions—some of which you’ve probably never heard. Some might seem familiar, but each has its own special twist that is sure to liven up your sex life. These 23 moves will definitely excite you and your partner.

23. The Grip

The Hook

The woman lays on her back and lifts her pelvis. Traditionally, the man would then penetrate in and out, but in this position, the woman moves from side to side.

22. Afternoon Delight

The Hook

The man lays on his side, supporting his head with his arm. The woman lays perpendicular to him, draping her legs over his mid-section.

21. The Rider

The Hook

Surely you’ve heard of this one before. The Rider is just a different name for the Cowgirl. The woman is on top and “rides.” If you’re into this, you’ll definitely like #20.

20. Bandolier

The Hook

To achieve this position, the woman should lay on her back and pull both of her knees up to her chest. The man is on his knees in front of her. She rests her feet on his chest while he puts his forearms on her knees.

19. The Balancing Act

The Hook

The man lays on his back with his legs spread apart and knees pulled towards him. The woman perches on top of him and lifts her legs off the ground, balancing herself. The man should hold the woman’s thighs to guide penetration.

18. The Snail

The Hook

The man stays on his knees while the woman lays in front of him with her backside raised. She can grab his legs from this position, pulling him deeper.

#17 is also great for deep penetration…

17. The Eagle

The Hook

The man gets on his knees and penetrates the woman while she is laying on her back with her legs spread apart in the air.

16. The Bridge

The Hook

The woman starts on her back and lifts her body upward into a bridge, holding herself up with her arms and her legs. The man kneels in front of her.

#15 is another variation of this…

15. The Reverse Bridge

The Hook

Just like the bridge, but reversed. The man gets into a bridge position, supporting himself with his arms and legs. The woman sits on top.

14. The Fan

The Hook

The woman leans forward onto a chair or another object of similar height, with her back arched. The man enters from the rear. This position is said to be great for guys of less than average size.

13. The Visitor

The Hook

Both the man and the woman stand for this position. The man enters the woman from the front while the two hold each other in an embrace.

Try the variation in #12 for a challenge.

12. The Clasp

The Hook

A bit of a variation on “The Visitor.” The man holds up the woman and penetrates her while she wraps her legs around him. A wall can be used for support.

11. The Seated Ball

The Hook

The man sits with his knees slightly bent. The woman sits on top of him (both facing the same direction) and bends her knees while arching her back, making her look like a ball.

10. The Slide

The Hook

Also known as the reverse missionary, the woman lays on top of the man and slides and grinds on top of him, keeping her body flat and legs together.

For a position with him on top, check out #9.

9. The Glowing Juniper

Comemis Vesto

Here, the man sits with his legs outstretched. The woman lays on top of his legs and elevates slightly so that their mid-sections meet.

8. The Curled Angel

The Hook

The man lays on his side and the woman does the same in front of him. Both bend their knees up as the man enters from behind.

Lots of people really love the next one…

7. The Hound

the Hook

This is very similar to traditional doggy style, but a little naughtier. Both bodies are a bit more bent and there is more touching involved.

6. The Ship

The Hook

The man lays flat on the bed with his legs together. The woman sits on top of him sideways and rides him. The man can place his hand on her back for support.

5. The Slip

The Hook

The woman lays on her back with her legs resting on the man’s thighs. He is in front of her on his knees. He then ‘slips’ in. Placing a pillow under her bottom can help with this one.

#4 will give you a great workout!

4. The Crouching Tiger

The Hook

This is similar to reverse cowgirl except that man’s legs hang off the bed. The female is in more of a squatting position and is in full control.

3. The Hinge

The Hook

The woman is on all fours, resting on her forearms. The man enters from behind with one knee down and one leg up or outstretched.

2. The Perch

The Hook

The man sits down with the woman sitting on top of him, both facing the same direction. She then moves her body while he thrusts.

1. The Cross

The Hook

The woman lays on her back with one leg up or bent into the man’s chest. He controls the depth and rhythm, entering her while on his knees.


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