The True Story Of The Feral “Mowgli Girl” Is Absolutely Devastating


It is a tale worthy of Rudyard Kipling himself; a real-life Jungle Book story has emerged from a remote wilderness reserve in India. In Kipling’s book, a naked human baby is wandering the woods and goes near a wolf den. The father wolf decides to adopt the “hairless man-cub” to save him from a vicious tiger. The boy, later named Mowgli, is raised by the wolves.

In a case of life imitating art, in January forest rangers in the Katarniya Ghat forest range of northern India rescued a girl who is said to be a real-life Mowgli. Or is she?

10. Monkey Protectors

The forest rangers said that when the girl was first spotted, she was surrounded by monkeys but seemed to be completely relaxed with them. During the first attempt to extricate the girl from the woods, the rescuers were chased by the irate apes and fled, leaving the mystery girl behind.

9. A Frantic Rescue

A second rescue attempt by forest rangers was more successful. On this occasion, although the girl still appeared to be protected by the monkeys, officers were able to get her into their car.

It was not all smooth sailing though; the monkeys did chase the car and forced the rangers to flee at speed.

8. Unable To Tell Her Story

The girl, who is still without a name, has been living in the Bahraich hospital in northern India since her liberation from the forest.

First reports said she was unable to communicate except through unintelligible grunts and snorts, but she did appear to have some level of understanding of human speech. Better news about this comes later on slide 4.

7. Her Age Is Unknown

An estimation of the girl’s age varies according to which report you read, with some suggesting she could be as young as six or seven and others placing her in her early teens.

However, most reliable reports seem to agree that she appears to be somewhere between 10 and 12 years old.

6. From Four Feet To Two

When she was first spotted in the forest, the Mowgli girl was seen to move around on all fours with an awkward gait and most of her weight apparently on her arms and hands.

Since being at the hospital and receiving physical therapy, the girl’s ability to move has increased significantly, and she is now walking on two feet.