These Truckers Are Forming A Mercenary Army To Fight Sex Trafficking


It is easy to ignore what goes on around you. We are encouraged from an early age to mind our own business and not to interfere in other people’s affairs so it would have been easy for trucker Kevin Kimmel to have settled back down and ignored what he saw one cold January morning at a gas station in Virginia.

Luckily for one young woman, Kimmel didn’t ignore what he saw. Instead, he made a call that unraveled a horrific tale that is repeated all around the country every day.

That call changed his life and took him in a whole new direction.

10. One January In Virginia

Out on Route 106 in Kent County, Virgina, there is a well-used Pilot truck stop much like any other across the country. Trucks come and go throughout the day and night, and truckers try to catch up on the sleep they need when driving hundreds of miles a day.

9. An Alert Trucker


January 6th, 2015 was not like any other day, though. It was a day that changed the life of father, grandfather and veteran trucker Kevin Kimmel as well as the life of the brave victim he saw for the briefest of moments through the dirty windows of a dilapidated old RV.

8. Out Of Place RV


Kimmel saw an old RV that looked out of place because it had black curtains drawn across all of the windows. When he saw a man approach the rear of the RV, knock and go in, he also caught sight of a young girl peeking out from behind one of the window coverings.

7. A Call To The Sheriff


The alert trucker knew what he had to do. After looking up the details of the local sheriffs’ department, he dialed and shared his concerns with law enforcement. In no time at all, the sheriffs were on the scene and Kevin Kimmel watched as they began investigating the suspicious vehicle.

Discover what happened to the owners of the RV on slide four.

6. Two Arrests

The driver and his wife were found in the RV, along with a young woman whom they had lured away from her home in Iowa. The woman was described as malnourished and disheveled and had been kept as a prisoner of the couple who forced her to work as a prostitute at the truck stops they visited.