Trap Door Found In French Countryside Leads To Chilling Discovery

If you found a trap door in the French countryside and you didn’t know what was inside, would you open the door? That was the dilemma faced by a man who recently stumbled upon a secret entrance.

Not only did the man open the door, he decided to wander into the mysterious space. As he explored the new found mystery, he snapped some photos while explaining his mysterious and creepy surroundings.

The farther the man traveled inside the long forgotten relic, the more he could feel his eyes water and his lungs burn.

Despite the obvious danger to his health, he managed to traverse the entire structure. His photos are intriguing, creepy, and disturbing, and the mystery still remains — check it out for yourself.



12. Once opened, the door revealed a red ladder that descended underground

A quick look at the entrance to the underground cavern revealed a single red ladder that descended into darkness. Perhaps it was a long forgotten missile silo or a bomb shelter left behind after two world wars. There was only one way to find out — making the descent into the building.

11. Once inside the brave explorer was surrounded by cement walls

The entire underground building was made out of cement walls and an old phone hung on the wall of the main entrance. Electrical wires were covered by nothing more than duct work and a creepy red and green paint job decorated the room that greeted the explorer.

As the man looked down from his initial descent, he noticed something remarkable.

10. The mysterious structure could be followed for several stories underground

The red ladder only allowed the urban explorer to enter the structure. A quick look around revealed at least 40 to 60 feet of additional depth that could only be accessed by walking down several flights of metal stairs.

Our brave documentarian decided to keep exploring and that meant a long walk into an unknown space.

9. There was once a lot of communication in the space

Our explorer noticed a lot of wall phones hanging throughout the facility. He could not pinpoint their exact date, but they are definitely from well before the era of smartphones, tablets, and laptop computers. Because of his lighting setup, the phones look like something left behind after an apocalyptic event.

8. The mysterious structure contained the eerie sound of echoing voices

At first, our explorer thought he heard people inside the structure. Perhaps there were still people working in some remote part of the facility. After a few moments, he noticed that the vibrations caused by the stairwell were creating noise in the empty space.  Our urban explorer was still worried people were following him, so he continued on his journey.

What he discovered at the bottom of the facility didn’t offer the clues we were hoping for.

7. After reaching the bottom of the building a mysterious door was revealed

At the end of his decent, the brave man was met with a single green door and a fire extinguisher. Not wanting his journey to end, he approached the door and pushed it open.

He soon realized that all of his questions were being met with nothing but more mystery and intrigue.

6. Both sides of the wall in the room were covered in machinery

Both sides of the deserted room were covered in all types of machinery that looked more modern than the telephones he had encountered. However, the machines were still not state of the art, suggesting they were left behind and forgotten after the building ran its course and was no longer needed.

When our explorer turned to face the other side of the room, something odd was revealed.

5. The old telephone technology was soon replaced with modern day computer screens

A computer screen with a color display? This feature wasn’t even closely related in time to the telephones on the walls or the old outdated hardware that was hung from various walls in the very same room. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to determine what the computer screen was being used for based on an initial examination.

4. A modern display and push buttons?

Juxtaposing the color computer screen the man just discovered was a bunch of buttons. All but one of the buttons were shining bright red. The instructions placed discreetly above each button offered little assistance in determining what this building may have been used for in the past or what it is used for today.

3. The damp, unhealthy journey continued without missing a beat

As he traveled further into the underground structure, our urban explorer noticed the temperature getting hotter and the atmosphere becoming increasingly damp by the second. He called it “unhealthy” and noted that water was beading on the ceiling. He claimed that temperatures had risen to nearly 90 degrees as he traveled on his way. The structure was quickly filling with rust, mud, and unknown substances.

Checkpoints were installed throughout the structure as our next example clearly shows.

2. Maps with checkpoints were spread throughout the massive structure

Checkpoints were littered throughout the underground fortress, but they provided no information about their actual need. The maps have deteriorated over the years, but the words “Ventilation Bloc_1” can still be read without any assistance. Each checkpoint clearly shows where the person staring at the map is currently located at any given time.

1. Danger — High Voltage!

Before he left the structure, our urban explorer looked up and saw a sign that reads, “Haute Tension — Danger De Mort” which translates into “Danger — High Voltage.” That was our brave traveler’s excuse to quickly exit the building he had accidently discovered and then documented for a very short, hot, and smelly period of time.

Unfortunately, we don’t actually know what the building was being used for. During his journey, the man noted that several water level meters were installed inside the facility.

With a mixture of old and newer technology, the facility could be anything from an old military silo to a water level measuring station.

We may never know what this structure was used for in the past or what it offered today, but it’s a cool journey that really shows the brave nature of our urban explorer.

Back to our original question — would you wander behind a trap door that you stumbled upon in the middle of the French countryside?


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