Trans Girl Receives A Surprise That...

Trans Girl Receives A Surprise That Changes Her Entire Life In An Instant!

There’s nothing like a perfectly-timed surprise, especially if you are a child. The excitement of opening a package with a ribbon and a bow brings back childhood memories of new toy dolls or cars, and you can almost feel the anticipation of ripping apart the wrapping paper and seeing what surprise awaits you inside.

One young girl got to open a remarkable gift, but it is much more precious than any material toy or novelty. Fourteen-year-old Corey Maison received a present from her mother that would change her life forever. Slide #4 is bound to make you shed a few tears!

10. Every Child Looks Forward To Opening Gifts

Whether it be a birthday or Christmas morning, children look forward to perfectly-wrapped surprises that contain toys or other trinkets. One fourteen-year-old girl wanted something much more meaningful, and she had no idea her mother was ready to present her with a gift that would transform her future.
9. Corey Maison Is Just An Ordinary Young Girl

The fourteen-year-old enjoys makeup and riding her penny board skateboard, but her life has not always been carefree. Corey is a transgender teen that was born a boy but identifies a girl, and she wants nothing more than to be her most authentic self. It is a lot for a young teen to cope with, but luckily she has an amazing support system standing behind her.
8. Corey’s Family Is Her Biggest Team Of Supporters

Corey’s mother, Erica Maison, has stood by her transgender daughter’s decision to transition from the very beginning. She even brought her to a therapist that specializes in helping transgender children, and it was decided that Corey was the perfect candidate for hormone therapy. She would start when she was fourteen, which was nearly two years away. This young girl’s reaction in slide #3 proves it was well worth the wait!

7. The First Round Of Estrogen Had Arrived

After a wait that seemed to never end, Erica Maison received a call from the pharmacy to pick up her daughter’s first round of estrogen. Corey Maison had waited more than two years for this pivotal moment, and Erica wanted to make sure she captured it. She decided to set up a surprise for Corey, and she planned to capture the emotional reveal on video.
6. The Young Girl Had No Idea Her Life Was About To Change

Erica Maison told Corey to reach behind the couch cushion for a surprise. Corey unsuspectingly discovers a bag, but she is still unaware of what is inside. Corey’s mom reveals she could not stop smiling as her daughter began to inspect the bag and take out the box that was inside.

5. Corey’s Mother Can Hardly Contain Her Excitement

As Corey tries to examine the box excitedly, her mother asks if she knows what is inside. At that moment her entire demeanor changes, and you can witness the moment that Corey realizes she is about to start the next chapter of her life as a young woman. Her reaction in the next slide is literally priceless!

4. The Teen’s Reaction Is Almost Too Much To Handle

You can witness Corey start to cry as soon as she realizes she is holding her hormone treatment that she had waited so long for. She immediately stands up to give her mom a huge hug, and there is not a dry eye in the house. Slide #1 shows that her reaction serves as a lesson for those who do not understand her struggle!

3. Corey Maison’s Story Has Gone Insanely Viral

The video of Corey realizing her hormone therapy was ready has received a lot of Internet attention. Millions of social media users have shared Corey’s story and have congratulated her on reaching the next phase of her transformation. Erica Maison explains in the next slide that this level of attention was part of her plan while taping her daughter’s reaction.

2. Erica Maison Wants To Bring Attention To The Struggles Of Transgender People Everywhere

Erica explains her reasoning for posting Corey’s reaction on her YouTube channel. She wanted others around the world to “see the raw emotion of a transgender child that can finally live her life the way she feels inside.” The emotional clip shows that those in gender transition just want to feel comfortable in their own skin.

1. Corey Maison Is An Inspiration To Anyone That Just Wants To Be Themselves

“I want people to see this because maybe it will open their eyes. Open their eyes to anyone who’s different,” Erica Maison stated. Corey is definitely on the right track to being who she really wants to be, and we can all take a lesson from this brave teen!

Share Corey’s story to inspire others to be who they are without judgment!


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