The “Toy Box Killer” Created A Sexual Torture Chamber, And It’s Beyond Sickening!

Although most of the people we come into contact throughout life are good people with innocent intentions, some news headlines prove otherwise.

There are people out there more sinister than you can imagine, and the notorious “Toy Box Killer” committed some of the most sadistic crimes in American history. Slide #4 is sure to make you shiver with fear!

8. Not All Monsters Are Fictional

Although watching some of your favorite horror films may give you a temporary scare, it’s comforting to know it’s not a true story. Unfortunately, some real life scenarios are scarier than anything seen on screen.

Slide #6 proves you should never really trust anyone, no matter what! You never know what someone is capable of.

7. Cynthia Vigil Lived Through A Literal Nightmare

While working as a prostitute in New Mexico, Cynthia Vigil experienced something that is only seen in slasher films. In 1999, Vigil was picked up by a man and his female partner, but what she didn’t realize is she would soon experience torture and psychological trauma that no human being should ever go through.

6. The Couple Had Very Sadistic Intentions

David Parker Ray and his partner Cindy Lea Hendy picked Vigil up and brought her back to their trailer. Everything seemed relatively normal at first until Vigil saw what awaited her back at their property. You won’t believe the entire overview of the trailer in slide #3 — it is bound to give you nightmares!

5. Ray’s Trailer Was Made Into An Actual Torture Chamber

Vigil was strapped to a chair and forced to watch another woman being beaten and tortured until it was her turn to endure the couple’s wrath. Vigil was tortured sexually and beaten until she found the perfect opportunity to save her own life.

Slide #2 shows the extent of these sadistic crimes!

4. Vigil Executed Her Escape

While Cindy Lea Hendy was out of the room on a phone call, Vigil took the chance to break free. She somehow managed to grab the keys to her chain lock and break free and stabbed Hendy with an icepick as she ran off the property. She eventually broke into a trailer home and alerted the occupants of her three days of torture.

Police officers were not ready for what they were about to uncover.

3. David Parker Ray’s Lifestyle Was More Than Twisted

Ray’s trailer contained whips, chains, surgical tools, and other torture devices he referred to as “his friends.” He even had hand-written notes and videos of how his victims would be tortured. Ray came from a troubled childhood and grew up to be a sexual deviant that thrived off torturing — and even killing — women.

2. Ray’s List Of Attacks And Murders Is Still Uncertain

David Parker Ray was charged with 37 counts of torture, and he was also convicted of kidnapping and torture in 2001. Ray would die in prison the following year — and although he was caught and brought to justice — the next slide reveals his victim count may be much higher than anyone initially determined.

1. The Toy Box Killer May Have Murdered Countless Women

According to David Parker Ray’s personal diaries, this madman may have tortured and killed over 40 women. This is a startling statistic, but thankfully his toy box has been shut down for good.

Senseless killing and too many innocent lives lost — but Ray’s rampage is silenced once and for all!


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