This Topless Pic Of Lindsay Lohan Is Almost Too Racy For The Internet!

Lindsay Lohan was one of our favorite movie starlets of the early 2000’s, and those freckles and striking red hair definitely worked in her favor to captivate audiences. She has definitely had her share of risque moments in the spotlight, and she isn’t afraid to show a little skin.

This celeb’s topless photo in slide #4 is almost too steamy to keep on the Internet, and you won’t believe how comfortable she is in her own skin!

15. Lindsay Lohan Knows How To Play A Part


Whether it was starring in Mean Girls in 2004 or Herbie Fully Loaded the year after, Lohan was a big part of the silver screen for us millennials. She was simply effortlessly flawless in her acting and her appearance.


14. She Was A Perfect Ten — In All Aspects


Although her main gig was acting, she also did do a little singing throughout her early career, and this brought her even more attention. This beautiful redhead can do it all, and slide #6 proves it!

13. She Still Steals The Spotlight

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Although she put her acting career on pause for awhile, Lindsay has still entertained fans in other ways. Her social media is filled with scandalous selfies, and she isn’t afraid to push the envelope!


12. She Is Always Dressed To Impress


Whether it be in a lavish gown or a barely-there swimsuit, Lohan keeps things interesting. Her social media outlets are where she has showcased her most private side, and slide #7 almost bears all!

11. Her Lavish Lifestyle Is No Secret


Through her Instagram and Twitter, fans have been given a glimpse of Lohan’s most intimate moments. This selfie queen has nothing to hide, and it shows!


10. She Likes To Share Her Best Assets


On occasion, she likes to post without much support — and she posted this topless selfie with a ton of confidence. Slide #3 shows she has nothing to hide!

9. Her Fan Base Is Never Short-Staffed


Lohan knows she is the total package, and this is evident through her ever-changing entourage. Can you blame this starlet for her embracing her popularity?


8. She Keeps It Risque Rather Often


Lindsay Lohan knows how to entice in a stunning two-piece bathing suit, and she shares her most seductive looks with her fans. The next slide proves she has mastered every pose!

7. Every Instance Is A Photo Opportunity


She rocks her bedroom eyes effortlessly. It doesn’t take much for this girl to turn any scenery into a glam and sultry photo shoot.


6. She’s Body Positive And We Know It


She embraces every curve of her body, and her swimsuit selfies don’t hide a thing. Confidence looks good on this star, no matter what risque outfit she decides to flaunt.

5. She Has The Entire Internet Talking


Lohan has her fair share of sexy pictures on the Internet, but there is one photo that has fans going insane. The next slide is what everyone is talking about!

4. No Bra? No Problem

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This photo of the young actress is almost too revealing for the Internet, but that hasn’t stopped it from circulating among fans and critics alike. It doesn’t get much more enticing than this!


3. Topless Seems To Be Lohan’s Biggest Trend


From Instagram and Twitter to the tabloids, Lindsay Lohan causes quite the stir. She isn’t scared to bare all, and slide #1 showcases one of her best features!

2. Social Media Is Her Stage


No matter what direction Lohan takes her career next, we all can’t help but admire her social media ambitions. Her selfie game is too strong!


1. You Can’t Dull This Star’s Shine


Lindsay Lohan may have had her ups and downs throughout her career and her young life, but she doesn’t show any signs of giving up her sexy selfie habit. Anything to please her fans!


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