10 Professions In Which 82% Of People Cheat on Their Partners

It’s always unfortunate when a relationship ends with one person cheating. Victoria Milan, a dating site made for people who want to cheat, has polled 5,000 of its members and obtained some interesting results.

They have discovered the top professions that are most likely to involve affairs. We had a hard time believing #4.

10. Administrative Assistants

The scenario of the sex secretary spending late nights at the office for a little hanky panky are quite true. It seems young men and women who are close to positions of authority are more likely to lie to their loved ones. Even the everyday people in #9 can’t help but cheat.

9. The Service Industry

When you work in a job that has an abundant amount of disrespect, it’s important to let out the energy with a nice drink after your shift. The problem is, most of the time your lover is at home and you are left getting tipsy with that cute new server.

8. Multimedia And Communications

This category includes public relations representatives and journalists. The constant traveling and the urge to do anything to get a scoop for your next story make this an obvious choice. The stress of needing to make strict deadlines often lands these First Amendment advocates in the arms of someone else. Where do you think they learned it from? Perhaps #7.

7. Educators

The low wages and long hours can lead to quite a lot of sexual frustration. This is probably the reason why there are so many scandals involving teachers and their students. Even though there are plenty of teachers who remain loyal while serving the greater good, the few bad apples give them a bad rap.

6. Law Enforcement

Public service can lead a person to over-stress and make rash decisions. Tell that to the thousands of police wives and husbands who get cheated on regularly. The traumatizing moments on the streets can lead someone down a dark path. Their public safety partners in #5 are just as bad.

5. Fire Safety Personnel

Like cops, it seems the stress and long hours associated with fighting fires takes its toll. The divorce rate for firemen is three times higher than any other job. Although much of this can be attributed to the traumatic work involved, the stress also leads these heroes into the arms of other men and women.

4. Information Technology Professionals

One of the least likely professions to cheat on their partners is also one of the most obvious when you think about it. Online dating is not only popular but sites like AshleyMadison.com have helped normalized cheating. And IT people are online a lot. Head out on the road into a wonderful and tempting world of high stakes sales in #3.

3. Real Estate Agents

Although the real estate world is associated with long hours spent with many different clients, it’s not often it’s associated with infidelity. The countless places to meet with another man or woman and the plethora of excuses make it an obvious choice. You should probably think of going into business with your spouse in this case.

2. The Legal World

And you thought there was enough drama from Law and Order? The legal profession is a cesspool of backroom romances from top to bottom. Everyone from paralegals and secretaries to district attorneys and judges has been involved in sexual scandals. You have probably already guessed which profession is the most prone to cheating relationships in #1.

1. Any Type Of Celebrity

It doesn’t matter if you’re a rock star, sports icon, or master thespian, there are people who do not know you that want to bone you. It is perhaps the single most professional which receives the single most amount of sexual offers. Most of the time they are quite hard to turn down, as the news will admit.


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