Top 23 Beach Fails Of 2015


Like the rest of the internet, we absolutely love fails. Pictures and gifs of fails are pretty much the internet’s bread and butter, right after cats of course.

Fails come in a multicolored galaxy of flavors, appearing anywhere people may roam. When they’re caught on camera, a little bit of digital gold is created – and as some say, a comment fairy gets its wings! We’re not necessarily laughing at the people in these photos; we’re laughing at the situation, that perfect moment crystalized forever on our screens.

Let’s get on with the exquisite beach fails!

23. Thong Song


We’re not ones to judge, but we will be helpful and point out that this guy’s bathing suit seems to be riding up just a little bit! We’ve got nothing against men wearing speedo-style suits, but pairing it with a straw hat might be going too far.

22. Dog Sitting


It’s always great fun to bury your friends on the beach. Unfortunately, the beach also resembles a giant bathroom to our four legged friends, so we can only hope that this pooch is merely sitting on his mama! The best part has got to be the shirtless man going ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

21. “Save my spot!”



Okay, so the allure of the beach on a hot sunny day is irresistible. We get that. But we couldn’t imagine driving up to this beach, seeing nothing but skin for miles, and deciding that it’s a good day for a swim! Honestly, we wonder how much the water level rises on a day like this.

20. Hands-Free Umbrella


We’re actually kind of impressed by this guy’s ingenuity. He wants to be shaded, he wants his hands free, and he’s got a spare butt crack, so why not? It’s certainly not the most attractive look, but boy is it practical!

19. Heels At The Beach


Speaking of practicality, there are certain types of footwear made for the beach: sandals and nothing. Sure, you could get away with a pair of sneakers if you didn’t mind them filling with sand. But wearing some high heels is a dangerous proposition, no matter how sexy you think they are!

18. Tide Comes In


Honestly, this one isn’t so much a fail as just bad timing. Santa Claus here looks positively resplendent, relaxing in his orange chair on the beach. The only trouble is, the tide seems to have rolled in while he was sleeping. We hope someone let him know before he was carried out to sea!

17. #YOLO


The young lady above seems to have had a truly #yolo day, ending up passed out face down on the sand. Did she wander away from her friends, or did they abandon her when she wouldn’t get up on time? Either way, we hope the photographer here got her some water and maybe a towel.

16. How’s The Wifi Here?



So, this guy seems to have perfected the art of making his “office” comfortable, by moving it straight to the beach itself. He’s got a laptop, a beverage, and his phone providing some wifi, plus a nice cool spot in the shade of a large hole. We’re actually kind of jealous.

15. With A Little Help From My Friends


These girls seem to have tried their darndest, but they just couldn’t get the poor guy out of his beach chair. We love a good samaritan, so it’s just nice to see that the ladies were there to help, even if their efforts were sort of in vain.

14. The Hunt For Red… July?

This picture is just fantastic in every way. We’ve got a beach full of people on a beautiful day, and an enormous submarine cruising by just hundreds of feet away! It’s kind of dramatic looking, in a way, but we’re guessing that the sub was not supposed to be passing this close to land.

13. MacGuyver’s Life Vest


Bravo to the ingenuity on display here, but we’re afraid that it just might not work. Wrapping yourself in empty soda bottles will probably do more to repel strangers than keep you afloat in the waves, but by all means, test it for us and let us know how it goes!

12. Seaweed Monster


Now this is kind of perfect. We love to see people (safely) scaring children, and this proud dad has gone above and beyond in his quest for goosebumps and screams. Not everyone is brave enough to cover themselves with mounds of seaweed, so our hats go off to him.

11. Hairy Bra


Well, what to say? This guy shaved his chest to look like a bathing suit top or a bra. It’s sort of creepy, but also sort of hilarious. We’re almost tempted to do the same, embarrassing our friends and family, but we’re not sure we’ve got the requisite body hair.

10. Flip Fail


Was she attempting a cartwheel? Summersault? Whatever it was, this is a grade-A fail. A classic fail, if you will. Face plants have been enjoyed since the dawn of time and will last as long as bipedal beings walk the earth!

9. Can’t Even


We just can’t even with this one. Logic tells us that she had to have jumped from a boat or dock, but it just looks like the woman leapt straight out of the water and did the splits about six feet in the air. Either way, we’re impressed!

8. Top Less?


We had to look for a second to figure out what the big fail was here, and then we spotted it: the woman second from the right is cheating! Wearing a low-back one piece is not quite the same as going topless for an admittedly clichéd photo opportunity.

7. Zoom Lenspicb_13

Well, we know exactly what the boy in the Duke hat is looking at! It’s not a bad view, but if you want to go full voyeur on everyone, you might want to tuck that zoom in a little bit – everyone can see it poking out so far!

6. Not So Fast!


The little boy here was trying to romp right into the ocean like Max from Where The Wild Things Are, but his mother wasn’t going to let him swim all willy-nilly without some proper sun protection. Good thing he had a little Speedo bathing suit for her to grip!

5. Beach Demon


So… we’re kind of at a loss here. Nothing about this makes sense, but we kind of like it. This young couple seems to have it all: fashionable bathing suits, a loving relationship, and a giant mountain goat costume! The only question is, why haven’t we seen this at our beach?

4. Great Day To Catch Some Rays


We’re not meteorologists or anything, but it seems to us that if you can see a water spout – aka ocean tornado – nearby, you probably shouldn’t be lounging on the beach. At least the couple seems suitably impressed, if not overly concerned with their own safety.

3. Melted Barbie Doll



This is what happens when you pair fake breasts with an all-vodka diet. There is nothing redeemable about this look, and no way that we can imagine it being sexy. Frankly, we fear for the woman’s health, but hey.. she does have a nice tan!

2. Flinging Baby



So the absolute best part about this, to us, is how the child soaring through the air is still miraculously in a seated position. It’s incredible. Dad looks excited. Mom looks horrified. “Little Jimmy used to have a twin!”

1. Copping A Feel


In a way, our number 1 pick isn’t a fail at all. This chimpanzee is brazenly copping a feel without any of the repercussions that’d befall a grown man doing the same. We’d say that we’re jealous if it didn’t feel so creepy! As it is, everyone here seems to be having fun so we’ll chalk this one up as a fail AND a win.

That’s all, folks! What’d you think about our countdown? Agree with our #1 pick or not? We’re always on the lookout for more fail hilarity, and we’re always excited to share more. The world is vast and strange and the internet reflects that, so rest assured: we’ll be back with more!



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