The Top 14 Richest Women in The Wor...

The Top 14 Richest Women in The World

4) Jocelyn Wildenstein
With over $500 million in the bank, Jocelyn is easily one of the richest women today.
With over $500 million in the bank, Jocelyn is easily one of the richest women today.

For a woman, looks are everything, unless she is a millionaire leading an extremely sophisticated life. Though Jocelyn had major disfigurations as a consequence of the number of surgeries she underwent, she is now living the life of a queen. Her nasty divorce left her with a lump sum of $2.5 billion for 13 years which she spends extravagantly proven by her $60,000 phone bills.

5) Elizabeth Holmes


A Graduate from Stanford, and is a bot entrepreneur.
A Graduate from Stanford, and is a hot entrepreneur.

Not long after did she start studying in Stanford University, she dropped out after one semester and involved herself full time in a company, Real-Time Cures, she established which was later renamed as Theranos. Her company continued to grow and raised huge amounts up to $400 million. She is one of the youngest billionaire women who is self made. Today, she is one of the richest woman in the world.

6) Donatella Versace
One of the biggest fashion designers today, Donatella is all about redefined style.
One of the biggest fashion designers today, Donatella is all about redefined style.

After Donatella’s brother Gianni (who started the Versace business in fashion) passed away, she became the Chief Designer and Vice President of the Versace group. Earning a huge amount of $200 million, she divided it with her daughter and brother. She also ventured into hotel chain and jewelry businesses.

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