There is nothing more romantic and heartwarming than to see two people joined together in holy matrimony. When two hearts are fused into one to spend a lifetime with each other, it can bring tears to the eyes of anyone in attendance. The bride wants everything to be perfect, as if any wedding day has been perfect in the history of weddings.

Weddings are always full of surprises, and it is the job of every wedding photographer to capture those moments. Sometimes those photos will leave the confines of the wedding photo album and make it to the Internet for the entire world to enjoy.

Like, you know, right now.

10. Lone Wolf

Any single person knows what it is like to be at a wedding without a date. The reception has the potential to be the perfect place to meet someone else who is single, but the most awkward moments come when it’s time to take pictures. Stay strong, my friend!

9. The Best Man

The best man has the most important job — to protect the wedding ring at all costs. Everyone knows a wedding ring that is lost before the vows can put a damper on the whole marriage. Make sure you choose someone who is willing to hold you when it gets lost in the gutter.

8. Picked A Winner

We’re not sure what is more embarrassing, the fact that the bride is flashing everyone at the ceremony right in front of her groom, or the little stain that has appeared on her undergarments. Either way, this is definitely not the right foot to start off a marriage with.

7. Early Honeymoon

Someone should tell this young groom that the honeymoon begins after the reception. As a matter of fact, it doesn’t look like he’s moving, let alone breathing. Someone call the paramedics and let them know we lost another one. It’s such a shame when a relationship ends too soon.

6. Get Your Head In The Game

No one really considers getting wedding insurance when they are planning the big day. Although they will lose their deposit when a giant hole in the ceiling is discovered the next morning, at least he probably won’t remember anything. That giant headache is not from your new wife’s nagging.

5. Say Gravity!

It should have been the photographer’s responsibility to warn them of the unstable bridge he is having the wedding party stand on for this shot. But it’s not his fault. His job is to capture all of the memorable moments from the big day and he did an amazing job.

4. Picking Friends

When it comes to loyal friends who will be there for you to hold your dress, fix your hair, and check your makeup on your wedding day, this bride sure knows how to pick them. Give them some credit for deciding to get deep into this mess together for a photo they will never live down.

3. Bridesman And Groomsmaid?

Bridesmaids and groomsmen have come up with some hilarious ways to get a laugh out of the audience when being introduced at the reception, and this one has to take the wedding cake. Unless these were the outfits they wore during the ceremony. If that’s the case, we apologize.

2. Runaway Groom

If someone knows of the whereabouts of this frightened groom, please contact his mother immediately. The family warned him not to pop the question, and no one has heard from him since this picture was taken. He was last seen under an altar uttering the words “I do.” We hope for his safe return.

1. Doggone It!

The smartest person at this wedding reception is not a person at all. The dog waited until the perfect moment when everyone’s attention was on the bride and groom for their first dance before making his move. And don’t blame the photographer for not stopping him — his job is to ensure every memorable moment is captured.

It would have been hilarious if all of these photos happened at the same wedding. That is one big day we would not want to miss. It is also a nice reminder to those people who are currently planning a wedding to know that there will be something that goes hilariously wrong. Those are the moments that should be embraced because they are definitely the moments that will be remembered throughout the course of your marriage.

Do you know of anyone who had a similar wedding day? Tell us what it was like and how they dealt with it in the comments!


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