Tons Of Celebs Are Going Braless, But Is It A Trend Or A Movement?

The “Free The Nipple” movement has risen in popularity among celebrities and everyday women over the past few years to help promote the idea that women should be able to show their nipples in public.

Is the rise in popularity of this trend due to the fundamental, feminist-based theory behind it, or is it just fashionable? Can fashion become a movement?

Let’s take a look at celebs leading the movement publicly and find out.

10. Miley Protests Censorship Laws


In December 2013, the singer took to her Twitter, putting a nipple over her eye to protest what we see as taboo as a society. She doesn’t understand we don’t see meth and murder as taboo, but we see a woman’s body part as something that should be censored.

9. Cara Shows That Men’s Nipples Are The Same


Supermodel Cara Delevingne has always been a feminist figure and took to her Instagram to show that although men’s and women’s nipples are the same, they are treated differently. Men without shirts are considered “free” whereas women without shirts need to be censored. Cara continues her discourse on feminism often on her social media.

8. Chelsea Wanted To Be Putin

Comedian Chelsea Handler posted a series of photos on her Instagram of her topless on a horse to mock Putin’s infamous shirtless photos. These photos were soon taken off of the social media platform due to their “No Nipple” policy that only seems to apply to women. This is not a joke.

7. Men Support Free-Boobs


Actor, Matt McGorry took to his Facebook page to support the #freethenipple movement. This famous feminist from Orange is The New Black was making a statement. In a photo of him shirtless, he photoshopped two female nipples onto his own to show that gender doesn’t matter when it comes to nipples.

6. Fashion Shows Are No Strangers


Fashion Shows have long showcased designs that don’t try to hide and sometimes accentuate boobs. Models and designers are no strangers of freeing the nipple or going braless. Kendall Jenner took a part in this tradition in her first fashion show in 2014, debuting more than just her model walk at the Marc Jacobs show.

5. Chrissy Fights Instagram

Fame Flynet

Chrissy Teigen challenged Instagram and their censorship rules after one of her photos was deleted due to Instagram’s “No Nipple” policy. She proceeded to post photos of her boobs where her nipples were only barely covered. She stated, “the nipple has been temporarily silenced, but she will be back, oh yes, she will be back.”

4. Ri Ri The Nipple Pioneer

Viva Glam Magazine

Rhianna frequently frees her breasts as both part of the movement and part of a fashion statement. She has been seen on the red carpet and just running errands either in no bra or no coverage of her nipples. She states that it was never to get attention, but it was just what makes her comfortable.

3. Bella For Haute Couture

Getty Images

Earlier this year, Bella Hadid let her nipples free during a fashion event in Paris. Her shiny and sparkly Christian Dior gown clearly showed that she thinks that some things shouldn’t be left to the imagination. She is known for doing this frequently at parties and no one minds.

2. Chiara Bares All For Fashion & Feminism


Chiara Ferragni, model, designer and influencer often posts images of her outfits where she is going braless. She goes braless in her everyday looks as seen on her popular Instagram page as well as when she is attending couture parties and fashion shows around the world. Regardless of the “No Nipple” rule, Chiara gets away with having her nipples out and celebrated.

1. The Nipple Is Your Friend


One of the most iconic, braless actresses of our time is of course Jennifer Aniston, freeing the nipple ever since her days on Friends. Her portrayal of Rachel on friends made going braless a conversation and kind of a normal thing even before fashion and the #freethenipple movement started talking about it.

Going braless and freeing the nipple started off as a necessity of comfort for many celebrities and models. It soon grew into a movement of change known as #freethenipple, making the fact known that men and women’s nipples should be treated equally and without censorship. Celebrities supported and celebrated this movement, making real change in our world. From this movement, fashion took note and now models and everyday girls alike are bearing their boobs with pride. This proves that not only can a movement change minds, but it can also change fashion. The movement has become the fashion. Free the nipple.


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