10 Times The Right Text Was Sent To...

10 Times The Right Text Was Sent To The Wrong Person At The Wrong Time

Text messages have become a common form of communication if you want to send a quick update or a witty remark to your friends. Sometimes messages can get misconstrued or misinterpreted, but can be explained with a little clarification.

Have you ever sent the wrong message to your boss or an in-law? When the message is especially gross or inappropriate, the sinking feeling in your gut can also lead to some awkward moments at work or the next family gathering. The following 10 people accidentally sent a text message to the wrong person and the results are hilariously unsettling.

10. Bulk Embarrassment

Costco trips with your mom can be a great bonding experience. Until you send a text meant for your boyfriend that says, “Bulk condoms at Costco. We can bang for hours” and then hear your mom’s phone go off in her bag. Luckily, this Reddit user quickly borrowed her mom’s phone and “pulled off the delete of the century.” Find out about a first date flop in #9.

9. Two Hours Of Unease

Before the movie started on their first date, this couple realized they had nothing in common. The guy sent a text message to a friend to tell her how awful the date was. His date’s phone chimed with a notification. After the movie, he went home to let his friend know how uncomfortable the date was. His phone chimed, “You sent it to me again.”

8. Too Soon

One man wrote the message, “Say hi to your mom for me” to his wife who was having lunch with his mother-in-law. After the message was sent, he looked at his phone and realized he accidently sent it to a friend whose mom died almost two years ago.

7. I Resemble That Remark

When your friend sends a picture of his newborn daughter, make sure it is not a group text before replying with, “Does her penis resemble yours?” You might also receive a few responses from angry family members that say, “Who the hell is this?” or “I don’t know who you are or how you got this number but don’t ever text me again.”

6. Mr. X’s Feelings Are Hurt

One user was sitting next to his boss, “Mr. X,” and sent his girlfriend a text saying, “Yeah I’ll call you soon babe but Mr. X won’t leave. He’s being f***ing annoying and won’t go away.” Just then, Mr. X checks his phone and leaves the room. It was sent to Mr. X instead. At least the guy in #5 wasn’t actually speaking of his boss.

5. I Want My Edamame

We know it can be very exciting to go to eat sushi. Before sending the text message, “Are you ready to go, you sushi slut?” to a friend, please ensure you are sending it to any contact in your phone that is not your boss. It’s going to create an awkward meeting topic on Monday.

4. Me So Hooray!

One Reddit user was on call for work and waited to hear from his boss. After a while, his boss informs him he does not need to come in. Ecstatic, the worker replied with “HOORAY!” After a few minutes, his boss replies back with, “What?” Apparently autocorrect thought he meant to say, “HORNY!”

3. At Least He Didn’t Send A Picture

One Reddit user was having some health issues and needed advice from his wife, who is a nurse. He sent the text, “My anus really burns and I can’t wipe. I have to dip. Fecal consistency is liquid with no chunks. Looks yellowish and reeks of a dead corpse” to his mother-in-law. Check out the pro tip in #2 to avoid this situation again.

2. What An A**

Always double check to make sure the message “I’m so excited to eat your a**” is being sent to the right person. Keep this Reddit user’s pro tip in mind, “Change your mom’s contact name to something like ‘1111Mom.’ That way, if you happen to be dating a girl named Monique who enjoys a** stuff, you won’t make a mortifying mistake.”

1. Won’t Be Coming In Monday

Finally, another Reddit user thought he sent the message, “There was a situation and I had to sh*t in the tub” to his girlfriend. It accidently went to his boss. Even though it was not a joke, it’s really nice to see that some couples can share everything with each other.

Now that you are done either cringing uncomfortably or laughing uncontrollably at the hilarious situations some of these people have gotten themselves into, think about the times you have sent a message to the wrong recipient. Tell us about some of the times your text messages were sent at the most inopportune moments.

We have all done it. At least we’ve gotten to the point where the message was almost sent before catching ourselves. Were you able to explain yourself before ruining the relationship? What are the messages you accidentally sent and who did they get accidentally sent to?


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