10 Times People Were Busted Online In A Blatant, Obvious Lie

The first rule of Liar’s Club is to ensure that you never get caught out in a lie. Otherwise, lying’s not going to bring the results that you want and in fact, it might end up becoming an out and out embarrassment for you.

These 10 people failed to work this out and each of them got caught directly in a lie. They also got caught in the most public manner possible so that the whole world could see their shame.

You really won’t believe number seven on our list. While that one’s absolutely outrageous, they’re all very funny.

10. The Exact Date Of Fail

This Facebook user’s never going to forget the day that they tried to pull the wool over their friend’s eyes. That’s because they used a picture from a calendar to pretend that they’d had an exciting skiing holiday. We have to wonder whose friends reverse image search their holiday snaps, though?

9. Epic Dating Fail

The best way to join Tindr, if you already have a significant other, is under a different name. Though we strongly recommend using a different dating system which doesn’t require a photo, too. However, if you’ve skipped that precaution, then go right ahead and lie about every other detail in your life. Just like Krysti did.

8. Career Suicide

We all have bad days in the office, so we can sympathize with the urge to tell the world on Facebook. We find it harder to sympathize with lying about the boss you added as a “Facebook friend,” though. That takes a special kind of stupid. It might have been less painful just to resign.

Think that’s crazy? Wait until you see number six!

7. No Bro

There is a whole group of people pretending to be somebody they’re not on the internet. However, most of those people recognize that if you want to get away with being someone else – you can’t include a photo of yourself alongside the photo of your alternate other. Chris missed this memo.

6. More Than He Bargained For

We think this young man’s initiative to avoid his homework is commendable, but we are also impressed with his teacher’s tenacious ability to stalk him in cyberspace and then send him a “see me tomorrow” note. We’d always heard that teachers have no time on their hands, too.

5. Keep A Lid On It

OK, so you got away with the lie, what would possess you to then go on Facebook and brag about the lie you told and who you fooled? The only likely outcome is this one. You lied to your boss, you told the world and then you got caught by the boss’s relatives. Well done.

Check out number two, it’s insane.

4. Strike That Pose

No really, strike it out. If you are going to go out and cheat on your girlfriend, it’s always best not to pose for a photograph with the girl you are cheating on her with. This is doubly true when the person taking the picture is friends with your actual girlfriend.

3. Epic Fail

If you’re going to tell the world a little white lie or a filthy black lie, it’s a good idea to make sure that you pick your social media name with enough care and attention so that it doesn’t out you, immediately, when you tell that lie.

2. Trashed

If you’re going to do something sneaky, you have got to make sure that your alibi checks out. Though, we’ve got to wonder why the maid thought it was necessary to put stickers on this lady’s toilet roll? Nobody does that at our house when we clean.

1. Who Needs Friends Like This One?

People are so quick to roll over on each other in cyberspace. Why did this person’s friend feel the need to confess on their behalf here? We’ll never know. Though to be honest, we’ll also never know why they lied in the first place. It all seems so petty and pointless, doesn’t it?

None of these folks should take up a career in crime. They’re not likely to last a day without getting into trouble. This is probably a good thing for the rest of us.

They are pretty funny though, right? We particularly like the idea that people would get away with insulting their employers on Facebook.

What did you think? Can you think of a situation where you got caught in an embarrassing lie or someone that you know did? Tell us about it in the comments section, we’d love to hear about it. If you’d rather not, please share the article with your friends, we hope they’ll find it funny too.


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