The Most Thoughtful Marriage Proposal Ever Took Three Years To Execute


If you’re considering proposing to your significant other in the near future, don’t look here for ideas as there’s no way you’ll live up to the standard set by “Timothy The Romantic.” Read on if you simply want to see what absolute proposal perfection looks like.

Ladies will probably relate to how special Candice feels, or feel extremely jealous after seeing the amazing attention to detail Timothy put into his proposal.

Slide 6 will make you envious at their beautiful wedding venue, and the bottom slide will show you all you need to know about true love.

10. The Letters And Hidden Message

The 14 letters Timothy wrote Candice over three years were as creative as they were heartfelt. The first world of each letter spelled out, “Will you marry me?” Timothy gets a lot of props for putting this much thought into his proposal. Definitely, beats the overdone proposal on a beach in Hawaii!

9. Look At That Ring

Look at that beautiful ring! Tim really outdid himself when it came to style and substance. Just ask Candice: “I am very difficult to surprise so this totally caught me off guard. Tim is always like this. He’s genuinely a thoughtful and romantic kind of guy.”

Seems like she was quite impressed!

8. Time For The Photo Ops!

Would you look at that? Timothy and Candice took a number of posed engagement pictures which seem to be an ongoing pattern during engagements. While overdone, it’s difficult to ignore how beautiful these pictures look. If you love this picture, you’ll love their next engagement photo on the next slide!

7. Yeah, This One Is Money!

Yep, now this one shows where the love is. This looks like it came right out of a romantic comedy when the leading actress wins over the man of her dreams. There should definitely be a sequel to this movie! Seriously, you can tell these two really love each other.

6. It’s Time To Get Married!

Let us all enjoy Timothy and Candice’s wedding in Syndey, Australia! Don’t have too much wine, nobody wants to be “that” friend. These two are going to enjoy the rest of their lives together and this is the perfect marriage to wrap up three years of dating. Look at how beautiful the venue is!

5. Tim Just Doesn’t Know When To Quit

Don’t ever bother trying to out-romance Tim, this guy is the master romantic and Candice is clearly lucky to have him. He serenaded Candice with a song he wrote after the two had been dating for several weeks. He literally wrote her a love song, Sara Bareilles would be jealous. Make sure to check out the next side to understand why these two have the perfect relationship.

4. Oh, So That’s The Key

The two had been extremely close friends for four years before they began dating. Wait, what? “The fact that we knew each other so well made the relationship feel so secure,” Candice told Daily Mail Australia. So, you’re telling me that friends can become lovers and have great relationships? What a weird concept!

3. The Man, The Myth, The Timothy

Tim is such the romantic he has Candice head over heels and back again in love with him, “Having our hearts poured out in the form of paper meant we had tangible memories to look back on,” Candice said. I’m not even sure Tim is human, the man can clearly do no wrong!

2. What Possibly Could Go Wrong Here?

It really doesn’t seem possible that anything could break up this wonderful relationship. Even the writers of Jupiter Ascending couldn’t tear Timothy and Candice a part. This is where everyone should feel bad if they don’t have a relationship this amazing. To make matters worse, this one more beautiful wedding picture on the next slide!

1. Happily Ever After

Yep, another amazing wedding photo is upon us. From being friends to dating to having a beautiful wedding. Does it get any better than Candice and Timothy? While Timothy was creative, Candice must be an amazing woman to bring out such thought and care. Cheers to her as well! I wonder if she has a sister…

Timothy planned out his marriage proposal over the course of three years and completely swept Candice off her feet. Is this the most thoughtful marriage proposal you’ve heard of? How were you proposed to? How did you propose? Is Timothy the most romantic man alive? Don’t hesitate to let us know what you think in the comment section! Also, we encourage you to like this story and share it with your friends! Everyone has the right to be envious of Candice and Timothy’s marriage.

Or we could be happy for them, that is an option as well…