This Weird Island Has A Cute And Cuddly Secret


The world is a huge place that is full of an endless amount of mysteries. Although it seems as though every inch of it may already be covered by explorers, there are still so many places with unique histories and rich pasts that we can learn a lot from. That is definitely the case for a small secluded island that you’ve probably never heard of. Ever dreamed of visiting an island that was specifically occupied by one animal? Well, you might be able to get your chance.

Click through to read the incredible story of this small, secluded island that is comically populated entirely with rabbits. You won’t believe what’s there to discover!


#12 It’s A Seemingly Normal Island


Inside the small island seas of Japan lies a special secret that very few people know about. The island is named Okunoshima, and what exactly is on this island is what makes it so special and unique. You won’t believe the story behind the animals that populate this island!

#11 The Bunnies Were Put There For A Shocking Reason


The island is overpopulated by bunnies! Now this isn’t a natural occurrence of the island. It isn’t a place that just randomly has an extremely high population of bunnies for no reason. There is a shocking truth behind why the bunnies were put there in the first place, and for some, it is a tragic story.

#10 They Were Put There For Testing


Originally, the Japanese Army had wanted to test out a poisonous gas. Instead of using humans as the subject, they decided to first use bunnies. They took the bunnies to this secluded island in order to perform various experiments and get different results about what effects the gas has on living beings.

#9 They Were Rumored To Be Almost Wiped Out


Many people believed that the bunnies had been wiped out after the experiments were done, but it is clear that this is definitely not the case! Although, there is a rumor that school children had put the bunnies back on the island. This has never been confirmed, but regardless, the original horror the bunnies endured on the island is important to their story.

#8 They Are Very Protected


At this point in time, the bunnies are very protected. No more tests are being done on the poor innocent bunnies, so they are able to roam the island in peace. But did the testing on their ancestors affect them in any negative way at all? Are they just like normal bunnies?

#7 They Are Extremely Friendly


These bunnies are actually pretty unique if you were to ever visit! Normal bunnies are very skittish and run away at the sight of any human. But the bunnies on this specific island are extremely friendly! They don’t run away from anything and everything like the bunnies in the wild here do!

#6 It Is Now A Tourist Spot


Because of the historic past of the island, as well as the very unique and friendly bunnies, this island has become a very popular tourist attraction! Who wouldn’t want to visit a place overpopulated with friendly cuddly rabbits? But there is still one thing that isn’t all that friendly on the island…

#5 The Test Facilities Remain


The testing facilities are still on the island. You can even tour them as well. Though they aren’t still running, it’s important for people to be able to have access to historic places like this so we can learn from them. The bunnies don’t seem too bothered by them either, though!

#4 The Bunnies Are Known To Swarm


The bunnies are known to swarm anyone and everyone who visits the island! If you have a fear of bunnies, this is definitely not the place for you! The bunnies love visitors and enjoy exploring and discovering new arrivals! But are these little bunnies dangerous to the visitors at all?

#3 They Just Want Your Food


No way! These are the least harmful rabbits ever! They never have any incidents of attacking or harming people. The biggest thing that they want when you visit is your food! The bunnies love when visitors bring snacks and they are even known to swarm when they hear the sound of a plastic bag crinkling!

#2 Are They In Danger?


What does the future hold for these rabbits? Do they ever run the risk of getting harmed or tested on again? Unfortunately, people still consume rabbits as food around the area as well, so some people fear for the future of these rabbits. So what exactly does their future look like?

#1 They’ll Be Fine!


Even though people in the area do still consume rabbits, there is no threat against the specific residents of this bunny island! There are special laws protecting the rights of these little creatures, and no one is allowed to harm them! The future is bright for these little guys, and you should definitely visit the island if you ever get a chance!

A lot of us have probably dreamed at one point of going to a secluded area to be swarmed by cuddly animals. Well, that is definitely the case for the bunny island! If you’ve ever wanted to be able to visit a place where you can lay in the grass while cute, little, cuddly, fuzzy babies crawl all over you, well, you’ve found the place! Unfortunately, the past behind this little island is rather tragic, but the future for them looks bright! Although we can’t forget the horrific past of these rabbits, we can always treasure and celebrate their current life!


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