This Model’s Life Changed Forever After Her Beach Discovery



Dogs are among some of the most innocent creatures on the Earth. They are a loyal species who stand by their owners no matter what. That’s what makes it extra devastating when we hear about cases of animal cruelty against innocent dogs. Luckily, there seems to be more good rather than evil people every day who are still willing to help out animals in need. But in reality, oftentimes, the dogs are the ones who end up saving us. Click through to read about the incredible journey that one model had after making a shocking discovery on the beach!


#12 Meagan Penman Is Just A Normal Girl


Meagan Penman is a model from Ottawa who was traveling in Thailand one day when she made a shocking discovery. She was taking a casual stroll along the beach when she noticed something a little unordinary sticking out of the tide. She decided to investigate the strange figure to see what she could find.

#11 She Saw Something Strange On The Beach



As she got closer, she was shocked at what the figure ended up being. She could tell from a distance that it had to have been a dog, but she was not expecting to find this particular dog! He looked as though he was completely paralyzed from the waist down and had been dragging his legs through the rocky sand.

#10 The Dog Was Friendly



Meagan approached the dog and quickly discovered he was a rather friendly little creature. This was actually heartbreaking, as it showed that the dog probably belonged to someone at some point in time. After inquiring with other people on the beach, she quickly learned that this dog was indeed abandoned.

#9 It Had Other Issues


Upon further inspection, she realized that this dog had a lot more problems than just not being able to use his back legs. He was covered in insects, mostly ticks. Who knows what diseases all of these bugs might be carrying and transmitting? Meagan was determined to get help, however.

#8 She Was Having Trouble Finding A Place That Would Help


Meagan immediately began calling different shelters and adoption centers to try and find a place that might be able to help her in this situation. She had no luck, as many places were full or unwilling to take in a dog who needed so much care and attention. Meagan wasn’t ready to give up just yet.