This 1000+ Year Old Myth Turned Out To Be More Than A Legend



Myths and legends have been told all over the world for hundreds and even thousands of years. Myths are often held sacred, as they are representations of a culture’s thoughts and values. Sometimes, these can also hold religious or spiritual significance for the individuals or groups who spread them. The myth we will be taking a look at in this article was going on for about 1200 years before scientists made a shocking discovery that would go against what most people thought and believed. Read on to learn more about a thrilling discovery that busted one of the world’s oldest myths.


#12 The Origin of the Legend


The origin of this myth dates back to ancient Egyptian times. The city went by the name Heracleion and was inhabited from 12th century B.C until about 3rd or 2nd century A.D. For well over 1000 years ,the ancient city was thought to be nothing but a myth.

#11 More Than a Myth


In fact, the myths about the city date back to the days of Homer. Before the Trojan War, it has been said that Paris and Helen of Troy fled the wrath of Menelaus and ended up in this city. While this was just believed to have been a legend passed down over generations, this was not the case.

#10 Meet The Man Who Would Break the Myth



A myth with more than 1000 years of history definitely takes the expertise of a true professional to break. Enter Franck Goddio, a French archeologist. Nearly 30 years ago, Goddio left a successful career in finance behind and dove right into his passion for underwater archeology, and it has worked out well.

#9 His Discoveries



The world is very lucky that he decided to change careers almost three decades ago. Goddio has made numerous important and impressive contributions to archeology throughout the years. Included in these findings were more than a dozen shipwrecks and a very special discovery he made in 2000, which beats them all.

#8 The Beginning of the Expedition


While the biggest haul was discovered in the year 2000 as we mentioned, the expedition began way back in 1992. That is the year when Goddio teamed up with the Supreme Council of Antiquities of Egypt, as they looked to explore a particular area of interest in the Abu Qir Bay.

#7 How Did It Disappear?


For over 1000 years, the location of this ancient city was a complete mystery. No one had been able to find any evidence of this city, until Goddio’s discoveries showed that there may have been something there. But if there was a giant city under the water, where is it?

#6 A Truly Mindblowing Find


Well, the answer of where the city was has been answered. Four miles off the coast of Eygpt, the team was able to actually track down the ancient city using GPS and sonar technologies. Despite over 1000 years of belief that the city was not real, it was discovered only 30 feet under the surface.

#5 Thousands of Items Found



But not only did the team discover the city structures themselves, they also found thousands of different artifacts under the water. Despite this, they only chose to surface about 500 of them. They found coins, jewelry, and huge statues that measured as high as 16 feet and were sometimes used as tombs.

#4 Landscape of a Lost City



So not only does it turn out that the city is real, but now we can actually paint a picture of how it used to look. It was a city of trade as it was made up of one central temple and a number of different canals and waterways all connected together, which made it great for trading from one place to another.

#3 Top Notch Preservation


Archeologists who worked on and discovered the ancient city have reported the findings to be in amazing condition. This is somewhat shocking as these ruins have been under the water for over 1000 years. But now that we know that it is real, how did this city sink to its current state?

#2 The Demise


In ironic fashion, the fact that the city was a port city that relied on water actually has water to blame for its demise. The fact that it was full of canals and was very close to sea level made the city very vulnerable to flood. Rising sea levels contributed to the city sinking, but so did something else …

#1 The Final Nail in the Coffin


Over time, the city started to slowly sink, but something else sealed the city’s fate forever. A massive earthquake occurred that led to a huge tidal wave washing over the city, basically destroying it. After the earthquake destroyed the city, it would be 1000+ years until anyone set foot on this land.

It is truly amazing that something most of us thought was a myth for over 1000 years was finally proven to be real. It wasn’t until an amazing archeologist decided to go above and beyond that we would find this out. But as mentioned earlier, it turned out that the long abandoned and sunken city wasn’t that far off the coast at all. The fact that it wasn’t even that deep and still managed to go unnoticed for over 1000 years is shocking. But with modern technology and a more aggressive approach, archeologists finally were able to prove one of the oldest and most mysterious myths in history.