Things You Should Never Apologize For During Sex

Throughout history, society is constantly re-examining and re-evaluating what’s kosher with regards to sex. In the 21st century, people are transparent as ever about this process. It’s perfectly fine to analyze ourselves sexually, whether it’s where you want to get down or who you want to get down with, but that doesn’t mean you should be judged or judge yourself for what gets you off.

Here’s a list of ten things you should absolutely not apologize for in the bedroom.

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10. Loving Your Kinks

People have their kinks and you shouldn’t be ashamed or shamed for having them. If you and your partner are consenting to certain kinks in the bedroom, you shouldn’t let the outside world judge you for your sexual desires. After all, not everyone is invited into the bedroom, unless that’s your thing.

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9. Not Going All The Way

If you’re not ready to go through something you previously agreed to, that’s okay. You can stop midway if you feel uncomfortable. Don’t let your partner shame you for not going all the way on something, especially if you’re not completely sure. If they love you or care about your comfort they’ll understand.

8. Talking During Sex

Sex is all about communicating, so sometimes it’s necessary to give instructions. Your physical enjoyment is going to be dependent on being vocal. If you like what your partner is doing, odds are you’re going to get a bit vocal. If that’s not your partner’s thing or if you’re shamed for it, that means the other person doesn’t care about your needs and that’s a huge problem.

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7. Stressing About Socially Acceptable Sex

When it comes to sex, everyone’s tastes are unique. That means when it comes to conventional positions or things that are “socially acceptable” some people may not jive with what’s considered normal. Instead of obsessing over what you don’t like, find something you do like with a supportive partner.

6. Speaking Up When You’re Not Happy

The other reason people talk during sex is because they’re unhappy with a certain position. Don’t be shy in the bedroom. If you’re not into what your partner is doing in the moment, speak your mind. In the end, it’s your pleasure you’re compromising if you stay quiet. Don’t apologize for having an opinion!

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5. Breaking Out The Toys

Sometimes when things get stale in the bedroom people pop out their box of toys. A toy in the bedroom may help a partner feel completely satisfied. Don’t be sorry about bringing in toys to the bedroom. It doesn’t signify some sort of weakness in your partner. It should be a fun activity for both to enjoy!

4. Not Looking Sexy Enough

Looking sexy usually happens in the movies but it usually doesn’t exist in real life. Sex can get messy, noises you didn’t mean to make happen, and there’s no great camera angle to capture your O-face. Being sexy to your partner comes from a natural sexual attraction, so don’t be ashamed if you feel like you’re not making the “right” face.

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3. Being A Bit Selfish

Being selfish has its perks. While we’ve discussed being in tune with your partner’s needs, sometimes you need to be showered with affection. If you’re not getting the most out of sex, you need to be able to express to your partner that you need more attention, whether that’s more of a specific position or suggesting something else.

2. Having Multiple Partners

Gone are the days when women and men were expected to have monogamous sex. These days, you can sleep with whoever you want freely. Now more than ever, it’s more acceptable for women to explore themselves sexually with multiple partners. So, when it comes to enjoying yourself, you shouldn’t apologize for how many people you sleep with.

1. Being Aggressive In The Bedroom

Want to play coy in the bedroom? You absolutely can, but if you don’t want to you don’t have to. These days, women are just as aggressive as men are in the bedroom. Women have been sexually liberated for decades, so you shouldn’t apologize if you want to initiate sex.

In the end, when it comes down to having sex it’s not about what society thinks about you or your bedroom habits. At the end of the day, it’s really about your own comfort level and the person you decide to share yourself in that particular moment. And remember, whether it’s a one night fling or your partner of 10 years, no one should make you feel ashamed for what goes down when you’re getting down. At the same time, we’ve also come a long way about discussing sex openly, so if you feel like you want to gab to your friends or seek out advice, go for it! Those who matter won’t judge!

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