Things That Kill Sex Drive And How To Get Your Groove Back

No one wants to lose their libido. Unfortunately, there are quite a few different habits and situations that can totally kill the sex drive. Luckily there are also plenty of ways to kick it right back into high gear. Some of which you can start doing right now. Read on for things that kill the sex drive but also how to get your groove back.

10. Work Stress


When you’re stressed at work it’s hard to let that go. Constant stress leads your body to go into survival mode, at which point it wants to actively save its resources. That means less energy and less sex drive. Anything you can do to reduce stress might help. Meditation, exercise, changing the diet, changing the job?

Although as we’ll see in item number seven, not all those letting go of steam tactics are great for the sex drive either.

9. Having A Vitamin Deficiency


If you’re deficient in any vitamins, your hormones won’t be working properly. The body needs nutrients to stay on task without cutting corners. Balance the levels of testosterone and estrogen by eating a well-rounded diet focused on fresh and whole foods. Supplementing with vitamins can be helpful for some people as well.

8. Not Getting Enough Sleep


Even being slightly sleep deprived can zap the energy that you need for sex. Make the bedroom a no phone zone to increase the likelihood that you fall asleep faster. The light on those has been known to keep people up. Dedicate the bedroom to two things: sleeping and sex.

7. Too Many Cocktails


Many people feel a bit amorous when they start drinking alcohol. But it doesn’t take much before the sex drive is actually reduced. Alcohol can not only lower the libido but also make it harder to sustain an erection and orgasm. Alternate your drinks water when getting busy is on the agenda.

6. Avoiding Confrontation


One common culprit for a lagging sex drive is emotional issues within a relationship. When things go unaddressed, it can cause an underlying stress level that won’t quit. Even when those things start small. Talk things out before they start affecting your livelihood. More communication might just mean more sex.

5. Certain Medications


Some medications lower the testosterone levels, which can then lower the sex drive as well. Common culprits include selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors and cardiovascular drugs. Check with your doctor or pharmacist if you have specific questions about the side effects of any medications or supplements that you might be taking.

4. Too Much Caffeine


Caffeine itself might not kill the sex drive. But caffeine does raise the anxiety levels significantly. The more anxiety you feel, the more stressed out the body gets, and the more likely it is that your sex drive will take a hit. Cut down the cups and see if you notice a difference.

3. Skipping The Gym


If you aren’t getting regular workouts, then you’re really missing out. Hitting the gym is one of the best ways to keep the energy levels high. Even a short workout will release though feel-good endorphins that can head into the bedroom as well.

Although the opposite can also be true…

2. Going Too Hard At The Gym


Sometimes people’s gym obsession veers into the territory of exercise addiction. Refusing to take a day off to recover means that your body remains in a stressed out state more often. Physical stress takes as much of a toll on the mind and body as emotional stress does. If you suspect you might be going too hard at the gym back off so that you can start going hard in the bedroom.

1. Routine


Sometimes the libido lowers a bit simply because the sex has gotten too routine. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to try anything outlandish in the bedroom. But sex shouldn’t be boring, so if it becomes so it’s certainly time for a change of some sort.


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