These Weird And Confusing Photos Could Only Be Taken In Russia

Every country in the world has its quirks, but it seems like Russia is on another level. Yes, they are a global superpower, and sure, they know their way around an ice hockey rink. There’s still something just a little strange about the Russians.

Their odd behavior can’t always be explained, but let’s try our best by examining these weird pictures. You won’t find images like this outside of Russia. By the end, you’ll be wondering if they’re even human at all.

16. You Think America Is Gun Crazy?

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Americans love their guns, and there’s no denying that. Russians, on the other hand, have an intense obsession with firearms that isn’t seen anywhere else in the world. This picture explains it all.


15. Cabin Fever Is Real

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It gets cold in Russia—really cold. Most of the year, Russians are cooped up inside their homes, trying to entertain themselves. Eventually, some people snap and you get something like this lovely lady here. Boredom is a disease, people.

14. Everything Taste’s Good With Vodka

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Russians aren’t exactly known for their cuisine. When you drink that much vodka, though, it doesn’t matter. Just slap together any old sandwich and you have yourself a gourmet Russian experience.

(If you think it takes guts to eat a sandwich like this, just wait until you see photo 11.)


13. Bigger Is Better In Russia

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Did we mention that Russians love their guns? Well, it’s still true. They love guns. The bigger the gun, the better it is. Don’t worry about the logistics of this particular gun. Just appreciate the size.

12. Can Someone Explain This One?

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Seriously, what the hell is going on here? Besides the obvious, what really is this picture all about? Like many things in Russia, let’s just assume vodka is involved.


11. Balls Of Steel

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Russian men are tough as they come. How do they build that brand of bravery? Apparently, sitting on seats like this will teach you a thing or two about tolerance and perseverance.

This chair will all make sense when you see photo eight. It involves horses, tough balls and probably vodka…

10. Only The Finest Russian Art

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What happens when you mix vodka, scrap metal, and a bunch of bored people stuck in the snow? You get Russian art. It’s weirdly beautiful in a unique way.


9. They Train Them Tough At A Young Age

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Like that crazy chair we saw earlier, this device will train your kids real fast. Unless they want a crotch full of bark, they need to be agile and tough at a young age.

8. Where We’re Going, We Don’t Need Cars

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Cars—who needs them? Definitely not the Russians. Nope, just some vodka and a good, old-fashioned horse will do just fine. Cars are a sign of weakness.

This picture helps explain Russia a little bit more, but read on to #5 to make sense of it all.


7. Free Range Beef

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In Russia, even the cows are tough. They are street savvy and don’t give a crap what people think. They just strut around doing their thing until some guy drains milk from their body.

6. Did You Know Russia Gets Cold?

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Russia is no tropical paradise. If you didn’t know that, then perhaps you should be reading a book instead of this article. On the other hand, you can just look at this picture for actual proof: Russia is cold.


5. Sh**ty Next To Pretty

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This one describes Russia perfectly. There are countless beautiful qualities about Russia, much like this woman. On the other hand, there are questionable characters lurking around every lovely corner.

Still, that doesn’t even begin to explain the craziness up next…

4. You Don’t Need Friends In Russia

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In Russia, friends are for the weak—just grab a bottle of your favorite liquor and make friends with yourself. You’re the only person you can truly trust. If you must, though, craft yourself a snowman companion to keep from going too insane.


3. Do They Even Have Chairs In Russia?

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Alright, this is the second time we’ve seen a horribly uncomfortable chair in Russia. Is that why they squat all the time? Perhaps comfort just doesn’t exist in Russia.

2. Uh, What?

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Some things don’t need explanations. This is not one of those things. The best we can do to unravel this mystery is blame vodka. That seems to be a trend in Russia.

Vodka definitely seems to be the cause of the violent crime up next, too…


1. When Your Snowman Friend Turns On You

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Remember our snowman friend from number four? Yeah, well, he betrayed us. Now, it’s time to handle things the Russian way. That will show him.


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