These Before And After Pictures Of Couples Will Make You Believe In Love


FeaturedCouplesLove is one of the world’s mysteries. It makes us do crazy things and feel even crazier emotions! There’s nothing quite like the rush you get when seeing your love, and nothing compares to meeting your best friend for life. For some, though, the spark can be quickly lost, and not many can find a relationship that really lasts. Those who do find themselves in long marriages or relationships may even feel the love is gone after a certain point. But love is not a myth! Relationships are challenging at times, but these 18 couples prove that true love is timeless!

#18 Bill and Carol Dukes

001--18-bill-and-carol-dukes-ad2d7caf650ebfbeccf992a11d24f108Within the first five minutes of meeting each other, Bill and Carol kissed each other, only knowing each other’s names! They met through mutual friends after Carol urged her friends to invite him out after learning some desirable qualities about them! The two got married two years after they first met and have been inseparable ever since!
#17 Scott and Sherri Kuhn

002--17-scott-and-sherri-kuhn-95737731cdc44e4f31a2bd00f159e408Scott and Sherri have been married for 27 years and started dating at only 16 years old! These high school sweethearts say the key to living through their younger and older years together is letting them grow on their own while moving towards the same direction. They definitely aren’t their 16-year-old selves anymore but that doesn’t make them any less in love! These two aren’t the only high school sweethearts on the list!

#16 Kim And Monica Konyar

003--16-kim-and-monica-konyar-b5a5bc3f4ffb08be12633423682902ddThese two lovers have been together since the ages of eighteen and twenty! Monica says the key to a long relationship is to always keep talking and communicating. Things aren’t always going to be easy but it’s important to never give up quickly! They’ll have their 40th anniversary this year!

#15 Dave and Barbara Hammond

004--15-dave-and-barbara-hammond-c5ca922de101ae69809c9685be93d0e6Dave and Barbara got married young and had kids right away! They loved their family life, but by 40 they were empty nesters and had started to drift apart. Barbara was on her way to move out when her husband was diagnosed with cancer! They ended up sticking it out and are more in love now than ever! They’re celebrating 46 years of marriage together.

#14 Kurt and Amy Ruhlin

005--14-kurt-and-amy-ruhlin-afd98836872ce8a70e354ce840934863Kurt and Amy have been happily married for 30 years! The older picture taken was the night before their wedding! She claims the only thing you need to live a long and happy marriage is a lot of true love and even more hard work! They look just as in love! If you thought these two were adorable, then check out this next couple…
#13 Richard And Laura Arruda

006--13-richard-and-laura-arruda-ff07758c61da7a88bd3c6afcb07023b0Richard and Laura first had their picture taken together (left) not too long right after they started dating. Laura says that love is what’s kept them together for almost 30 years! They went on to have four beautiful kids together. The newest picture was taken when they decided to have their vows renewed. Thanks, Richard and Laura, for keeping our faith in love alive.

#12 Dave and Janine Thiemann

007--12-dave-and-janine-thiemann-0411d27eb335c1476d329eb95ec71a7dDavid and Janine were another couple that decided to marry pretty young! Janine was only 18 while her husband David was 21! The two have been inseparable since! Janine says the key to their marriage has been endless love, God, respect for each other, and unconditional commitment! Seems like sounds advice that we can all incorporate into our lives.

#11 Peter and Sharon Greenthal

008--11-peter-and-sharon-greenthal-82897c7ab196a832cde47c75470bbf64The first picture of Peter and Sharon Greenthal is from their wedding in 1989. The newest picture was taken on their 25th wedding anniversary. Sharon says that it’s important to be kind to each other each and every day and to decided that they have to do whatever it takes to stay married! Check out this next adorable couple…

#10 Patrick And Christina O’Neill

009--10-patrick-and-christina-o-neill-654c6281fd2a9f720bff122574e0c2faPatrick and Christina have been together for over 20 years. On the left, Patrick is only 22 years old. Christina says they’ve been able to stay together for long because of how much they make each other laugh. They also are each other’s best friends, so it’s hard to be apart from each other!

#9 Tom And Lisa Brown

010--9-tom-and-lisa-brown-6ba4ec4c56a0210cc14e15ff784b33b2Tom and Lisa Brown have been together for almost 40 years! They were high school sweethearts and have had three children together! They’ve definitely had some struggles throughout their lives including alcohol addiction, depression, and numerous illnesses. But they know the importance of family and have been able to work through it all while still loving each other.

#8 Dan And Chris Nitzsche

011--8-dan-and-chris-nitzsche-e8a6987ad211e4dec5574170bf94684cDan and Chris aren’t your typical couple! Chris was 14 years older than her future husband when they met in college! Chris had gone back to school when Dan was just starting out. Many people didn’t believe they would last, but here they are after 20 years together, saying that marriage has only made them better people!

#7 Bob And Bev Meaux

012--7-bob-and-bev-meaux-bacb1bb9f947f3f7bfa6c41bde160635Bob and Bev have been happily married for over 20 years! Bev says the key to a happy and healthy marriage is to stay true and honest to one another and to always have each other’s backs! They don’t let anything come between them and always show support and endless love to each other at work and at home.

#6 Troy And Kathy Sella

013--6-troy-and-kathy-sella-728d0d94885ea3de12f78e0f7833724dTroy and Kathy have been in a loving relationship for over 20 years now! Kathy says the key is the four C’s, commitment, caring, communication, and compromise. They both come from different backgrounds and have different perspectives on relationships, but they’ve been able to create an endless love together.

#5 Michael and Ellen Kelly

014--5-michael-and-ellen-kelly-1d90906e16c44ef39445d258e2d40ab7Michael and Ellen Kelly have been in a loving relationship for over 30 years. Kathy says that the most important thing is to always remember to spend time together, even through having children and successful careers. It’s always important to remember why you fell in love in the first place!

#4 Burt Bakman And Paula Rudelir Bakman

015--4-burt-bakman-and-paula-rudelir-bakman-5e822765643330d72aaf23e1484994a7Burt and Paula have been together for over 20 years. Burt says that there have been plenty of times that he’s been frustrated with Paula, but every morning he sees how beautiful she is and is reminded of how much he loves her. They grew up together and have a deep and rooted connection. It would take a lot to break them apart!

#3 Rick And Amy Wise

016--3-rick-and-amy-wise-72e8432ab6ecacac10531660ace0a464Rick and Amy have been together for 20 years. The picture on the left is from their first anniversary together. They even look so in love after just one year together! The couple has aged well and has proved that true love, and striped shirts, really can last throughout the years!

#2 Ron And Kathy Lindstrom

017--2-ron-and-kathy-lindstrom-661fb5a676620684c4d92991ef645f70Ron and Kathy have been married 44 years! They say there is a lot to marriage, and it isn’t always easy. Whenever they fought, they would work hard to get to the root of the problem and work it out together instead of just fighting back and forth. They also have 4 kids and plenty of grandchildren who all love seeing the happy couple together for so long!

#1 Glenn And Marie Woods

018--1-glenn-and-marie-woods-ff94fdd53f34c85fe7a73bc0bb7aab10Glenn and Marie have been married for over 30 years! Marie says not only do they have the love and support of each other, but they also have plenty of help from their friends and family in retaining a loving relationship. Sometimes an outside perspective can help guide things in order to stay true to your one love!

These couples are living proof that love doesn’t have to be short lived. They don’t give an exact answer or formula on how they have remained together so long. The one thing they all have in common is that not once did they give up on each other. Things get hard and ugly, but for them, it’s all about remembering why they fell in love in the first place. When you meet your best friend for life and decide to create a new world together, you can’t easily just give up over small fights! Sometimes it feels as though love is a temporary feeling but these 18 couples proved that love is real and can last a lifetime!