These Are 18 Strange Secrets In The...

These Are 18 Strange Secrets In The Family Of Will Smith

FeaturedSmithThere is no one who would dispute the fact that Will Smith is one of the best and most famous actors not only of our generation but of all-time. Smith is seemingly never in a bad movie and has taken home a ton of awards in both movies and music. And while he is definitely a great actor, his family life is a little bit strange. There are a number of strange things about the Smith family, some of which they may even be keeping secret. So here is some strange and rumored secrets about the Smith family, with number 5 being especially different.

#18 The Two Have an Allegedly Open Marriage

001--18-the-two-have-an-allegedly-open-marri-f5f3f4d928ee7585841f5dc66b56b303While the couple has been married for decades, there are rumors swirling that they are in an open relationship, and each is allowed to look for pleasure outside of the marriage, a rumor which they haven’t denied. These are two of the most attractive people in Hollywood, so I wouldn’t put it past them. Check out the 12th entry for another supposed rumor about their relationship.

#17 The Smith’s Are Rumored to be Scientologists

002--17-the-smith-s-are-rumored-to-be-scient-312049Not only are the Smith’s BFF’s with Tom Cruise, they are also heavily connected with the religion he follows, Scientology. They have donated to the cause and even funded a school that has  a curriculum that follows closely with Scientology. Even with the rumors floating around, they have denied that they are actually Scientologists.

#16 There Have Been a Ton of Cheating Rumors

003--16-there-have-been-a-ton-of-cheating-ru-06794163cfe8b50e9500849aaa1d9bccWhile the marriage has been seemingly healthy, Will and Jada are constantly followed by rumors that they are cheating on each other. Will was rumored to have been cheating with multi-time co-star Margot Robbie, while Jada was rumored to be cheating with Marc Anthony after he and Jennifer Lopez were divorced. This next secret may be the reason for this open marriage…

#15 Will and Jada Disagree on How to Raise the Kids

004--15-will-and-jada-disagree-on-how-to-rai-8c9f679705e33b23d507fddd6adfda36For parents, communication and remaining together in terms of parenting styles is often a good way to go. But for Will and Jada, they differ in that regard. Rumors state that Will pushed his children into show business, while Jada isn’t a big fan of that. Will just wanted his son to be the next Fresh Prince!

#14 Jaden is a Special Snowflake

005--14-jaden-is-a-special-snowflake-312065Jaden Smith has earned a reputation for being a little strange. While he has some weird interviews, it is largely his social media use and various quotes that give people this idea. Jaden’s one tweet back in October of 2013 read “We Need To Stop Teaching The Youth About The Past And Encourage Them To Change The Future.” Check out the next entry to learn a little bit more about his sister, who also has the reputation of being a little strange.

#13 Willow Has Been Taking After Her Brother

006--13-willow-has-been-taking-after-her-bro-312071While she is not quite as outward and vocal about her “weirdness” as Jaden is, there does seem to be something strange about Willow Smith as well. Willow has taken to Twitter to claim she can control time, as well as offering up some other strange behavior in the past. This next secret breaks my heart…

#12 There Have Been Split Rumors for Years

007--12-there-have-been-split-rumors-for-yea-312075As mentioned earlier, despite a solid few decades of marriage, these negative rumors continue to swirl around the relationship of Will and Jada. In fact, there were even these rumors before they even got married. Tabloids have printed hundreds of covers over the years claiming the two are headed for splitsville. This next secret is what all married couples go through…

#11 Will and Jada Don’t Believe in Disciplining Their Kids

008--11-will-and-jada-don-t-believe-in-disic-312077In an interview, Smith claimed that he and Jada don’t believe in disciplining their children. They believe that they are responsible for their own lives and they gave them as much control as they could at a young age. Check out the next entry to see if they still think this was a good idea.

#10 Will May Regret The Fact They Were So Easy on the Children

009--10-will-may-regret-the-fact-they-were-s-312080While their children didn’t turn out horrific or anything, it looks as if Will may have had some second thoughts about how they raised the children. He admits their lack of discipline may be part of the reason for the sometimes wacky behavior of his children, but he still defends their right to behave how they want to.

#9 Willow Had a Fairly Strange Relationship With an Older Man

010--9-willow-had-a-fairly-strange-relations-312088In 2014, when Willow was only 13 years old, she posed on a bed with a half-naked Moises Arias, who was 20 years old at the time. While the picture was an expression of art according to Will, you can’t help but see how it would worry some people. Speaking of interesting relationships with Will’s kids, check out this next secret…

#8 Jaden’s Girlfriend Might Be a Bad Influence

011--8-jaden-s-girlfriend-might-be-a-bad-inf-312092Jaden Smith has been linked to a number of different women in his past, but he is currently dating 21-year-old Sarah Snyder. But it turns out Snyder may not be the best influence for Jaden as she was once arrested for stealing a $15,000 Hermes bag from a mall in New York. Something tells me Jaden has enough money to pay for plenty of her Hermes bags, though.

#7 Will and Jada Supposedly Have an Odd Sex Life

012--7-will-and-jada-supposedly-have-an-odd--312108Despite all the rumors about things not being great in their relationship, the couple still seems to have an active and exciting sex life. They have admitted to enjoying sex quite often with each other, and have also hinted at doing it in a number of different public places – including a limo! Do your thing Will and Jada!

#6 Apparently, Both Jaden and Willow Are Pretty Self-Entitled

013--6-apparently-both-jaden-and-willow-are--312110According to rumors, both of the Smith children are fairly full of themselves and self-entitled. While this isn’t a good quality to have, it is probably hard for them not to be. They grew up extremely rich with a very powerful father and thus could probably do and have everything they want, from a very young age.

#5 They Have Both Been Accused of Bearding

014--5-they-have-both-been-accussed-of-beard-60c3a416635a4a4cac68ec4ce646ee18Bearding is basically when a man or a woman has a straight significant other but is really using them to mask their homosexuality. It is rumored that both Will and Jada are gay and are both using each other as a beard. Check out the next entry which will look at a man that many gossip magazines have accused Will of being with.

#4 Will Smith Has Been Linked to Duane Martin

015--4-will-smith-has-been-linked-to-duane-m-312119While this is nothing but a rumor spread around over the years, it has been picked up by a number of tabloids at times. It was rumored that Will may be in a quiet relationship with actor Duane Martin, who is also married to a woman. Who knows if this is the case or not, but both Smith’s don’t like to respond to this gossip.

#3 Will Smith Is Rumored to Have a Huge Ego

016--3-will-smith-is-rumored-to-have-a-huge--312121This one is not too shocking as it is normal for a man as rich and famous as Will Smith to have a big ego, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a good thing. One of his cast members from Fresh Prince called him an “a**hole” who was extremely full of himself and said she would never work with him again.

#2 Will Smith Had a Problem with the IRS

017--2-will-smith-had-a-problem-with-the-irs-312135Before he became a movie star, he was an okay rapper, and not quite making the kind of money he is now. But despite this, Smith was spending like crazy in 1988 and 1989 and underreported on his taxes. As a result, they chased him down and he had to pay millions, which almost left him bankrupt.

#1 Will’s Real First Name is not What You Would Expect

018--1-will-s-real-first-name-is-not-what-yo-4a2f295dc826914274ed1580af6c249cWhile this isn’t exactly a secret, it is something that he isn’t very vocal about and doesn’t get a lot of attention. While most would expect his name to be a shortened version of William, his birth name given to him by his parents was actually Willard. Being an ex-rapper, that’s not exactly the first name that gets you much street cred.

So there you have it. While Will Smith and the rest of his family are extremely successful, sometimes those that have that much success are a little bit strange, and that may seem to be the case with the Smith’s if these rumors are true. While there is no way to tell if some of these rumors are true (they are secrets, as mentioned). But strange or not, there is no arguing his skills on the big screen or behind the microphone. As long as he continues to churn out great flicks, what he and his family do behind closed doors is their own business.


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